Friday, February 15, 2013

Asteroid & Meteor Terror (The Very Last Days)

In our Solar System, asteroids are small rocky bodies that orbit the sun, ranging in size from 600 miles across to tiny dust particles; a meteoroid is an asteroid on a collision course with Earth; a meteor is an asteroid that enters Earth’s atmosphere, appearing as a streak of light (falling star); and a meteorite is a meteor that survives the violent frictional heating of Earth’s atmosphere and strikes Earth’s surface.

This past week scientists have been keeping a watchful eye on Asteroid 2012 DA14, which will make the closest pass (within 18 miles!) of Earth’s surface in recorded history today February 15, 2013.  But here’s the stranger news; as the world was focused on this coming asteroid, earlier today a rare 10 ton meteor streaked over Russia’s Ural Mountains at supersonic speed and exploded over the Chelyabinsk region, injuring hundreds of people.  The explosion’s intense bright light and multiple booms had people running for cover and screaming “The world is ending!”  But here now is the even STRANGER news about today’s meteor: “Interior Ministry spokeman Vadim Kolesnikov said that about 600 square meters of a roof at a zinc factory had collapsed.

In the book I wrote, I provide extensive Biblical evidence that Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming will occur during Earth’s 6,000th year, and that Earth’s surface will be destroyed in a global firestorm.  Did God just confirm ALL this (even the time!), yet again, with today’s meteor?  I’ll leave you with the words I wrote in my book on page 394:

So, what does the “STONE killing Goliath” and the “STONE demolishing Nebuchadnezzar’s man-image” foretell?  Well, it is evident throughout Scripture that Jesus Christ is known as the stone: “For Jesus the Messiah is (the one referred to in the Scriptures when they speak of) a ‘STONE discarded by the builders which became the capstone of the arch” (Acts 4:11, Living Bible). Subsequently, the “stone” symbolizes Christ annihilating Lucifer’s reign on Earth in the above stories.  But I believe there could be more to it, for it is likely that these divine prophetic stories will be fulfilled even more LITERALLY at Jesus 2nd Coming by a massive meteorite (“stone cut out without hands”) violently striking Earth and setting its entire surface on FIRE!!!  Listen to “The Revelation”: “And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air: and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, IT IS DONEAnd there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings: and there was a GREAT EARTHQUAKE, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake … the cities of the nations fell … every island fled away, and the mountans were not found.  And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every STONE about the wight of a talent” (The Revelation 16: 17-21). Friend, this sounds like a detailed description of the result of a massive meteorite colliding with planet Earth!  And that is all I am going to say about that.

"Exploding Meteor Over Russia Injures More Than 1,100"



Approximately 813 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. Hi Gabriel, watch the video here too:

    Seems like we're now in the beginning of something.

    1. Wow, thanks Chris. I had heard that that had happened after the Pope's resignation declaration, but I hadn't seen any pics or videos. Hmmm ... very interesting. Yes, without a doubt, it is becoming "crunch time" on God's prophetic time clock! And a LOT has to happen in the next roughly 15 years, before the end of this age of sin, to fulfill all God has written about it. It's going to become very interesting (to say the least)! Thanks, again, for the video link.

    2. Very interesting Chris! Thanks for sharing that as I didn't hear of that yet. We are sure following this event very closely as to who his successor is. Supposed to be a very sinister man and perhaps the False prophet himself! Maybe that lightening bolt was not God's approval but a sign of the evil that's coming to the Vatican very soon! You know, just like in those movies when something bad is about to happen? that's all providing that St. Malachy's prophesy works out, but as far as I see, why not? All his other details matched the other popes! We'll see I guess. Although keep in mind that this new Pope coming may not look so bad in the beginning and then all of a sudden turn showing his true colours flipping the Catholic church upside down! Of course the cardinals will try their best not to select candidates with anything to do.with "Peter" or "Roman" but maybe when appointed the new Pope will call himself that? I wonder what number of Peter they are up to? Will have to google that. Or it might be linked in some other way perhaps... But you are right bro, its all beginning!

    3. FYI: I checked it out the Papal list on wiki, so far there is only 1 pope who was named "Peter", the one the Catholic church claims was St. Peter himself, the apostle of Jesus. Although I don't believe that Peter was the first pope because historically it is clear that the Catholic church could not have started before the year 312 when Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. Then in 325 there was The Council of Nicea and finally in 330 he officially made Christianity the official religion of Rome. Then after that, the churched continued to change in many ways and the Papal system was invented and the first pope came along. The timing is debatable, sometime between the year 360 and 500.

      Anyways, regardless of all this, and the fact that any die-hard Catholic would never agree to this fact and zealously hold on to the Vatican claims, they still have on the list Simon Peter as their first pope. So it is very possible that the new guy coming up will call himself Peter II to the great anger of the cardinals and Vatican shocking the world! It's gonna be interesting! Lets keep watch for the end times signs like Jesus instructed us!

    4. Good research work, Ramsey. I didn't think there was a lineage of "Peter" papal names, at least not yet anyway! ; )

      But hey, don't be too sure that "Peter the Roman" will be fulfilled in that way, it could have some other meaning with respect to the next pope.

    5. Yes brother, I am well aware of that. God is infinitely wise and clever and would't allow any known attribute of a papal candidate to be obvious or else it would surely be noticed by the Cardinals who are selecting candidates carefully. Take for example the last (current) pope Benedict, "Glory of the Olive" was the prophecy. If his name had something to do with olive in any language or say his name was even "Oliver" or last name "Olivera" or something, he would not have made it as pope. So the Lord amazingly inspired Joseph Ratzinger to choose "Benedict" and fulfill that prophecy as the Olive tree is a symbol of the Benedictine Order on their crest and on the robes that they wear. So I agree fully brother. It won't be obvious but some detail or decision of that person might end up relating to Peter the Roman somehow, and it might not be noticed right away. But the Lord always makes it possible for us to figure out. Just like the Zinc factory 6000 ft2 size or eventually the number of the devil 666!

    6. I agree, brothers. It's like we just entered the age of the antichrist and some omen were put in place to mark that and to warn us. The news say the meteor blast had a force 30 times that of the nuclear bomb that dropped on Hiroshima yet it was undetected, which goes to show how powerless we are compared to God. Luckily the atmosphere blocked off some of its energy as it exploded above ground, but if God allowed the meteor to last a little more than 1 second more, it would have hit ground and many would have died (it was traveling at a speed of 12.2 miles per second and went off 15 miles above ground, and had already traveled 32.5 seconds in the atmosphere so just 1 or 2 seconds more and instead of people being injured they would have been killed.) God has been merciful for not letting people die, and maybe He did it to call on people to repent, as even some folks in Russia thought it was the end of the world when they saw the blast -- which makes it even more merciful of Him because He's calling on us to avoid the coming disaster.

      I'm interested on who'll be the new pope too, and yes, brother Ramsey, I never thought of that, that the name Peter had never been used by the popes so it's possible that someone will use Peter II. That would be a shock.

  2. Reading the news, here on a wonderful Sabbath morning in Tennessee, I just came across some even MORE fascinating news about the zinc factory's roof damage from the Meteor yesterday. Remember, in the blog, I quoted Russia's Interior Ministry spokesman as saying yesterday, "ABOUT 600 meters of the roof was damaged". Well, I just read today, they are now reporting it was 6,000 square feet!!! And when is Jesus returning? Year 6,000. With what? Very likely a Meteorite. Shocking.

    Also, isn't it interesting that most of Russia's populace now have those new dashboard cams in their vehicles to help correctly find whose at fault when an accident occurs on their ever snowy roads. And now God used those cams to make sure the world had a PERFECT view of this meteor! What more can God do to warn us all ... "Get right with Me, NOW, for the end is soon coming!"

    FYI: 1 meter = 3.28 feet; thus, 1 square meter = 10.75 square feet.

    Here's the news article link reporting 6,000 square feet of damage: "Russian-meteor-shower-Fireball-outer-space"

    Happy Sabbath to all!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing that brother! Now that it is officially 6000 square feet, it is very obvious that it is a sign from God. Anyone who knows Gabriel's message or understands the concept of God's 7000 year plan will most likely understand that detail and hint that God left for us. I mean that plant could have been 5000, 7000, 6250 square feet but exactly 6000? Are you kidding me? And only that plant got the bulk of the damage! God surely selected that particular plant already knowing it's size! Amazing article, I encourage you all to read it. Nice new pics and info regarding that meteorite as the details are now known from all the calculations. Wow, how it left an 8 m hole/crater in a frozen lake! how it started off as 40 tons and 50 ft wide coming at us at 19 miles per SECOND! Wow, I'm sure glad that the atmosphere protected us (this time) and reduced that asteroid to something smaller but still did damage! But what happens if the asteroid is much larger than that? That's when the results will be catastrophic!

  4. The article says: "6,000 square feet of a roof at a zinc factory collapsed".

    And God says: "6,000 sinful years of Satan's rule on Earth will collapse when Jesus Christ streaks into view across the open sky, bursting with light, and "shall destroy with the brightness of his coming" (II Thessalonians 2:8)

    Just imagine the event, as you watch this video: "Russian Meteorite Explosion!"