Saturday, May 31, 2014

Me, Baseball Cards, & 2028 END !!!

The year was 1978.  I was seven.  I can still remember sitting with my dad and brother in our living room opening up our first bubblegum wax packs of the brand new 1978 Topps Baseball Cards.  Wow!  They were beautiful!  Dad loved watching baseball on TV, and this was our family’s first experience with getting baseball cards.  I’ll never forget it!  And now I see this fun experience was really divinely planned by God to foreshadow the amazing end-times message He would one day give me to deliver to the world!

Soon, we opened up a pack with superstar Reggie Jackson in it – he was card number 200.  Wow, it was a gorgeous card!  And then, there was superstar George Foster – card number 500. Sweet!  And then superstar Nolan Ryan – card number 400.  And then superstar Johnny Bench – card number 700.  And superstar George Brett – card number 100.  Nice!  And then superstar Joe Morgan – card number 300.  Wow, the set had 726 total cards in it, and Topps had put some of the game’s biggest superstars right on the even hundred number markers.  How cool I thought!

Not long after that, dad found a way to contact Topps directly, and he ordered whole cases of these cards.  They came with 24 boxes inside (called “bricks”) containing 500 random cards, for a total of 12,000 cards a case.  Dad bought several cases, and soon we were sorting these cards into numerical order.  First was to create eight piles containing cards in each hundred.  So, card numbers 1 to 99 went into the top left pile, card numbers 100 to 199 went into the top pile next to that, etc, etc.  Then, when that was all done, we each picked a hundred pile and sorted those cards into ten piles of tens, and then each of those piles into single digits.  It was crazy.  It was work.  But it was family fun.  How many other kids did that do you suppose?  Well, my brother and I did!  And for the next 5 years or so, each year dad would order cases of the new Topps cards and we’d be sorting cards!

So, what does this have to do with my end time message?  The set had 726 total cards! Sound familiar to God’s 7 Creation Day / 7,000 solar year master time plan?  How about each of the even hundred numbers cards (100, 200, 300, etc) containing mega superstars, as if those numbers were important to Topps?  Wasn’t year number 4,000 important to God?  Of course, it’s the year He planned for Christ to DIE for us!  How about year 6,000? Of course, it’s the year Christ is returning!  Yes, the hundred numbers are important to God, too!  And how about God first introducing me to this “700 baseball card numbering” in the year 1978, which was exactly 30 years from AD 2008 (the year He told me His Son Jesus Christ is returning in AD 2028) which was exactly 50 years away back in 1978!  Amazing!!!  I tell you the truth … Jesus Christ is going to return in year 2028!  God has been prepping me with this message my ENTIRE LIFE!!!

1978 Topps Baseball Card Complete Set List

Blessed Sabbath to ALL,


Approximately 746 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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