Saturday, July 26, 2014

Comedian Sam Kinison (Be Careful What You Speak!!!)

I came across a short comment left under the “2028 END” movie this past week on Youtube, saying, “Why does Jesus look like Sam Kinison?”  Now I had never heard of this man, but I was curious who he was and what he looked like.  So with a quick Google search I learned he was a comedian, and soon I was watching a clip of his back over on YouTube.  I was HORRIFIED!!!

What was his bit?  He was saying Jesus was never married because if he was no woman would “buy” his story.  He then went into narrative of Jesus leaving with the 12 disciples (his “12 other guys”) the night of his capture and then returning to his wife 3 days later.  What follows is a tirade of vile profanities coming out of Jesus’ mouth towards his wife!  It was sick.  It was twisted.  It was DISGUSTING!

My first thought was … “Oh, dear Lord, is this guy still alive!”  I was instantly terrified for his soul!  So I rolled over to Wikipedia and there it was … in 1992, at 38 years old, he was driving in his Pontiac to perform at a sold out show in Nevada, when a 17 year old drunk driver in a pickup truck crossed the center line and met him head on, breaking his neck and ripping his aorta wide open.  He was dead in minutes!  Somehow I just knew this was going to be the case … God had shut his blasphemous mouth!  He had just been married 6 days earlier, went on a 5 day honeymoon to Hawaii, was high on life, rolling in money, ready to mock God some more in front of hundreds , and WHAM … the next minute … GONE!!!

There was a time when the name of God was so holy people didn’t even dare write it!  But today, I hear people curse His name at the drop of a hat.  If you use “God” and “Jesus Christ” as curse (vain) words, I’m warning you … do yourself a MASSIVE FAVOR and STOP IT!! Shut your mouth, or God will!!!  Don’t you know you will be held accountable for every word you speak?  If you don’t know (love) God or Jesus, at least have the decency to shut your mouth about things you don’t understand!


Wikipedia: Sam Kinison

In loving concern for your soul,


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