Friday, April 27, 2012

America’s Future (Part 4 of 4): The Mysterious Parking Lights

My head was spinning as I drove to work Tuesday morning November 13, 2007, for it had been a dizzying last 7 weeks.  It all began September 23, 2007 when I first heard about William Branham’s 1933 seven-part prophetic vision which ended with him seeing (#6) a woman coming to power in America, and (#7) America being reduced to nothing but a burning smoldering mass of craters and smoke; then November 10, 2007 I came across Ned Dougherty’s 1984 near-death experience (NDE) online, which ended surprisingly with him receiving a dire message from the Archangel Michael about America: “You are headed, like all great civilizations of the past, to be reduced to piles of dust, to be covered over by the waters”; and then November 12, 2007 (just the day before) I watched 4 American flags fall ominously behind Hillary Clinton (a woman who was running to be president!) at a press conference on Veterans Day November 11, 2007.  Now realize God's prophetic message about the “timing” of His son's return – namely, that Jesus Christ will return to Earth 2,000 years after the year of his death (around AD 2028) – had not been given to me yet, for that revelation would only begin December 8, 2007.  So yes, my head was reeling as I drove to work November 13, 2007!

My routine was the same every morning: I'd clock in, walk to the carpentry shop, and throw open the huge metal outside door to help bring fresh air into the room.  But this day was different for one reason … when I opened the door, there by the dumpster in the parking lot sat a pickup truck facing me with its parking lights on.  It wasn’t the bright headlights; it was just the dim parking lights.  All morning long as I worked in the shop I would look out periodically and sure enough, there it still sat with its parking lights on.  Finally, after eating my lunch around noon, I came back to the shop and noticed the vehicle was gone.  And then my day turned really odd!

As I drove home from work around 4pm and pulled in my driveway, I noticed my neighbor’s truck sitting there with its parking lights on.  “Isn’t that strange?” I mused, “He’s never mistakenly done that before.  Weird.”  Three hours later, after a nap, I was surprised to see they were still on, as I was leaving for the Laundromat.  Then, after starting the wash cycle on my clothes, I decided to drive to Subway to get something to eat.  As I pulled into Subway, I noticed there was only one car sitting in the parking lot – are you ready for this? – YES, with its parking lights on!!!  I was astounded!  And then in my astonishment I heard that familiar, seemingly out-of-nowhere, voice speak instantly in my spirit: “Gabriel, America’s light is almost out!  Her people were once a shining example of my ways of love, beaming out into the darkness like the bright lights of a car’s high beams.  But now her people are full of sin, and her light is like those dim fading parking lights!”

Wow!  What could I say?  What could I do?  I walked into the Subway and saw a man sitting there eating.  I said, “Sir, do you know your parking lights are on?”  He looked up, mouth full of food, and muttered, “Yeah.”  God help us.

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Approximately 854 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, April 20, 2012

America’s Future (Part 3 of 4): Hillary Clinton

If you’ve been following along in this blog series on America’s Future, you know on September 23, 2007 I first heard about William Branham’s 1933 seven-part prophetic vision which ended with (#6) a woman coming to power in America, and (#7) America reduced to a burning smoldering mass of craters and smoke; then on November 10, 2007 I first read about Ned Dougherty’s 1984 near-death experience (NDE), which ended with a sobering message from the Archangel Michael about America: “You are headed, like all great civilizations of the past, to be reduced to piles of dust, to be covered over by the waters.”  As you can imagine, I was pretty shaken to read those words about America’s future while simply perusing a NDE story online, especially after having just learned about William Branham’s prophecy seven weeks earlier.  But what happened next – actually the VERY NEXT day! – completely SHOCKED me!!!

I drove home from my carpentry job at a little after 4pm on Monday November 12, 2007 and decided to run some hot bath water to relax in.  I had been thinking about America and its future all day – really, the subject had hardly left my mind since coming across William Branham’s vision, which I had researched extensively by now!  Next, I turned on the TV for something to listen to while taking a bath.  (I rarely turn the TV on in the afternoon.)  It happened to be on the Entertainment Tonight (ET) program (which is something I hardly ever watch). Then, while relaxing in the tub, I hear, “At a press conference yesterday for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Waterloo, Iowa, four American flag poles fall behind her after her speech!

Oh, my goodness!  I jumped out of the tub and ran out to the TV.  And there she was, Hillary Clinton (a woman running for the highest office of president in America), and there they were, four American flagpoles falling behind her.  Can you imagine my shock?  After everything the Lord had led me to come across concerning America’s future in the previous 7 weeks … and now this!!!  I was dumbfounded.  Then, I was even more dumbfounded when the ET program revealed, “And it was Veterans Day yesterday, here in America!”  Yes, Hillary was speaking at a Veterans Day event when this happened on Sunday November 11, 2007!  Veterans Day in America is a day for honoring ALL the veterans (dead & living) who ever served America in war.  Do you catch the significance?  The day America was celebrating the military prowess, protection and personnel history of its four armed branches, four American flags fell like dominos behind a woman who was seeking to take control of the highest seat of power in the land!  It was the SAME message LOUD & CLEAR all over again: AMERICA WILL FALL AFTER A WOMAN RISES TO POWER !!!  I just sat down in bewildering, head-spinning, nauseating shock.

Now realize, this was not big news.  It did not make the mainstream media.  It was just a short, odd-ball segment on Entertainment Tonight.  In other words, if I hadn’t turned the TV on that Monday afternoon, I almost certainly would have never heard about it.  But that was NOT how God wanted it to go down!  He was speaking, and right at me!  And now I’m telling you!  And you would have thought that would be the end of it, right?  Well, think again!  Because God had one last thing to say to me about America, and unbeknownst to me, it was going take place the VERY NEXT DAY – Tuesday November 13, 2007.  Lord willing, I will tell you about the strange events and message next week in the conclusion of this blog series on America’s Future.

America’s Future (Part 4): The Mysterious Parking Lights

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Approximately 855 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, April 13, 2012

America’s Future (Part 2 of 4): Ned Dougherty’s NDE

Having been led of the Spirit to come across William Branham’s shocking AD 1933 prophecy about America’s future (which ended with a woman coming into power and then America burning!) early in the morning hours of September 23, 2007, it continued to weigh heavily on my mind throughout October and on into November of that year. This was a time right before the presidential primary season and election year of AD 2008 was about to heat up in America; and Hillary Clinton (a woman!) had already announced her candidacy for president … so you can imagine my curiosity and concern! This was also the time right before the Sabbath morning of December 8, 2007 would occur, when God would reveal to me the AMAZING meaning (message) behind His creation of an Israelite bondage-to-Promise-Land story, and consequently the true meaning of His Word (Bible).  Without a doubt, God’s Spirit was heavy in my apartment in the fall months of AD 2007, and I had NO CLUE (as always!) of all He was about to speak to me! I’ll be sharing some of these things with you in this blog series entitled: America’s Future.

On the Sabbath afternoon of Saturday November 10, 2007, I came across the near-death experience (NDE) story of a man named Ned Dougherty while surfing online. Ned was a worldly New York nightclub owner who cared nothing about God. But in AD 1984, after an intense fight with a business partner, he suffered a heart attack that led to an incredible NDE that forever changed his life. But what stunned me most about his story was the sobering words he heard from the Archangel Michael ABOUT AMERICA in another out-of-body experience he had several months later, after his NDE, while standing beside the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.

"Your forefathers created one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. These were men of high ideals, spiritually guided and inspired to create a nation and a civilization to be admired and respected, to set an example for the rest of the world. In exercising their free will under God's guidance and direction, they created a Constitution and a Bill of Rights for every man, woman, and child to live in freedom in the pursuit of happiness. Yet these high-minded and spiritual men were soon replaced by others who, in the exercise of their free will, chose to put their egos before God and to joust with God's plan.
"You became a nation of spoilers, man against man, brother against brother, government against citizens, and the chosen nation became a warrior with and against other nations. You have become a nation of criminals and murderers. You murder in wars. You murder the innocent. You murder your children. Your leaders create laws to justify the murders, to attempt to make wrongs right, to rewrite morals and ethics to support your own earthbound greed and desires.
"You have become a nation further and further from the Spirit and the influence of God. You have created sciences and philosophies to support activities that only recognize earthbound realities that not only refuse to recognize the spiritual nature of man himself, but refuse to recognize even the existence of God.
"You have taken God and His works of prayer and meditation out of your government, out of your institutions, and out of your schools. You have done everything you can to deny His existence, and you find yourselves in a world filled with wars, hatred, starvation, and death, and you do not understand why the rest of the world does not follow your shining example.
"You are a nation at war with itself, filled with hatred, prejudice, crime, drugs, and murder. Yet when the few of you who do look to God ask Him why all these things are allowed to happen, you do not hear His answer.
"You are members of the human race, universally created by God and given free will individually by divine right, and you would not wish to have it any other way. Yet every little act of free will that man has exercised from the beginning of time that was not in accordance with God's plan, multiplied in its impact and its negativity on the future of man. Every simple act of aggression multiplied into acts of world war. Every simple act of greed multiplied into worldwide human suffering and starvation. Every act of destruction of God's environment on Earth multiplied into destructive forces of nature - earthquakes, floods, pestilence, nuclear destruction and nuclear waste. Every act of violence escalated into acts of murder and the extermination of ethnic people for their appearance or beliefs.
"Yet, God created a nation of high ideals for you to survive other empires and civilizations that crumbled into oblivion, for their leaders placed themselves as men above God, and now those empires and civilizations are but piles of dust or buried under the waters. You sit on the edge of the new millennium, poised for the future of humankind, and you are headed, like all great civilizations of the past, to be reduced to piles of dust, to be covered over by the waters.
"Yet, God comes to you again, to appeal to you as a people, to appeal to you as a nation, to appeal to your leaders. His army of angels is visiting upon you with a life force of energy, a spiritual energy radiated by the Creator to all humankind. Many of you feel the vibrancy of His energy and His divine presence. He is communicating with you spiritually, telling you to raise yourselves to the level of spiritual transformation that is necessary for those of you who hear Him to spread His message and His energy, to recognize that He is coming.
"Guided by prayer and meditation, all men, women, and children may answer His call, but it must be soon. Time is running out! The angels are coming! Do you hear them? Are you listening?
"Are you listening? ..."

To be sure ... I NEVER saw that message ABOUT AMERICA coming while simply reading a NDE I happened across while online!  Oh, but God wasn't done speaking to me about America, yet!  For next week (Lord willing) I will tell you about what happened in America the very next day – Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2007.

Read excerpts from Ned Dougherty's NDE  HERE.
Purchase Ned Dougherty's book "Fast Land To Heaven HERE.

America’s Future (Part 3): Hillary Clinton

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Approximately 856 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Incredible Passover (Salvation) Event

About 3,300 years ago, the Israelites were enduring their 400th year of bondage (separation from the Promised Land) in Egypt. But God had informed them through a man named Moses that "I (God) have seen the affliction of my people ... and heard their cry ... for I know their sorrows" (Exodus 3:7) and that "I (God) am come down to deliver (save) them out of the hand of the Egyptians" (Exodus 3:8) even that same year! Interestingly and curiously, God also picked a specific night for the deliverance (salvation) event to occur ... it was to be on the FULL moon night of Nissan 14 (Jewish months are lunar based, so the 14th of a lunar month always falls on the full moon). On that night, God would send a death angel around to kill all the firstborn in Egypt, afterwhich Pharaoh would free the Israelites.

But to save the Israelites from the plague of death, God devised a seemingly strange, yet very exact, plan for them to employ in order that the death angel would pass over them without killing any of them – specifically, on the 10th of Nissan the Israelites were to carefully choose a non-blemished male lamb, then 4 days later on the evening (start) of the 14th of Nissan they were to kill it (without breaking a bone in its body), spread its blood on their house doorposts, and then roast its flesh with fire and eat it that night in their houses. How weird, huh? What on Earth was God thinking coming up with this seemingly 'crazy' plan? Does the Creator God just like to invent very specific things (and times!) for His children to do things without any rhyme or reason?

Well, a little over 1,300 years later, the hidden truth behind the yearly commemorated Passover (deliverance or salvation) event was amazingly revealed ... for on a Passover night (14th of Nissan) a sinless (non-blemished) man (male) named Jesus the Christ ate the Passover meal with his disciples, was captured later that evening in the Garden of Gethsemane, tried and convicted in the morning hours, and crucified (killed without a bone being broke in his body) later that same Passover day. And in so doing, he precisely fulfilled every minute prophetic detail of the Passover lamb scenario God had concocted for the Israelite's salvation out of Egyptian bondage all those 1,300 years earlier! Thus, Jesus Christ became mankind’s sacrificial Passover Lamb, whose righteous blood delivered (saved) us out of our hopeless bondage to sin and death! Stunningly, Jesus even fulfilled God’s secret prophetic timing detail in the story (where He chose to deliver the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage after 400 years) by dying on the cross during Earth's 4,000 year, and he will most certainly return during its 6,000 year!

Passover (14th of Nissan) arrived sundown Thursday April 5 this year, and Jesus would have been crucified during the morning hours of Friday April 6 and buried in the tomb sundown Friday (the start of the weekly Sabbath) this year. So if it’s clear in your area, maybe you could walk outside tonight and look up at that old full moon and spend a little time remembering the hell Jesus went through today for you! Think about his cold body laying in that tomb right now. Think about the disciples sadness. Then, think about what was to happen 3 days later! Maybe you could breathe a little prayer of thankfulness to God for all He's done in making “forgiveness for sins (eternal life)” available to you.

If you do not know God's FULL truth behind every detail He controlled to happen in the Israelite's deliverance-to-Promise-Land story, please watch the video: "Moses & the Israelites (How To Obtain Eternal Life)".

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Approximately 857 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!