Friday, December 30, 2011

Here We Go, Folks ... AD 2012!!!

Well, another year has come and gone. Another 600 million mile trip around the sun on planet Earth is complete.  AD 2011 is history.  And now what?  AD 2012!  You know … Mayan calendars, pole shifts, and the “end” on Dec 21. (rolls eyes)  Oh, and of course plenty of YouTubers and false prophets with visions and dreams and confirmations touting the Lord is coming back this year.  But unfortunately … He is not! For the “end” is not yet.  So hold onto your horses, folks.

We are in that time (in Earth's “age of sin”) that Jesus spoke about in Matthew's Gospel: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars … For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.  All these are the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:6-8).  Yes, AD 2012 will be another year of war, starvation, disease, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  But again, the “end” is not yet!

The return of Jesus Christ is a set time.  It has been prophesied (written down) by God in His Holy Bible Bible.  Therefore, it cannot be hastened, nor delayed.  It will happen EXACTLY as God has spoken!  Namely, Jesus Christ will return to planet Earth the year it makes its 6,000 trip around the sun (counted from Creation).  This “time” is prophesied in the story of Noah (as well as other places in the Bible).  Additionally, Christ DIED on the cross during Earth’s 4,000 year (around AD 28 on our current calendar).  Thus, simple math concludes His return will be sometime around the year AD 2028.

Many will be disillusioned after AD 2012 is over.  Many will snub their noses at ANY “end-time” prophetic message after the coming year is in the books.  But rest assured, Jesus IS coming!  His return is right around the corner, about 17 years away!  So bring it on ... AD 2012.  (Warning: Learning the truth about the “time” of Christ’s return should not make you complacent in your daily life.  Please do not relax in your battle with sin!  Because YOUR TIME could END at ANY MOMENT!!!!  All of us, at any moment, are just one second away from taking our last breath.  So be sober (living righteously) at all times, looking forward to your meeting with the King.)

Video: “They ate and drank … just as it was before the Flood”

Happy New Year,


Approximately 871 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Miracle behind the 'Bearing Fruit' Video

After three long weeks of creating, I uploaded my ninth Bible teaching YouTube video entitled “What does ‘Bearing Fruit’ mean” on Dec 8, 2010 (fifteen days ago, a year back).  It’s a wonderful video exposing a powerful truth about the two different type hearts that can exist in mankind.  Those who ‘bear good fruit’ (obey the 10 Love Commandments) have LOVE as the soil in their heart, and their daily thoughts, words, and deeds bloom God’s light.  But those who “bear evil fruit” (disobey the 10 Love Commandments) have PRIDE as the soil in their heart, and their thoughts, words, and deeds bloom darkness.  Sadly, only those few people who choose to “bear good fruit” will go to heaven in the end.

Most people think “hate” is the polar opposite of "love", but this is not true … it is pride!  “Hate” is only ONE of the manifestations (or fruits) of pride, for ‘hate’ is disobedience to the 6th Love Commandment “Thou shalt not murder (hate) your brother, but thou shalt forgive”.  Listen, when you hate someone it is usually because you feel they mistreated you.  And you think in your heart “They’re not going to get away with treating me like that!” or “How dare they talk to me like that!” or whatever.  But do you hear what’s behind those statements?  It’s your own PRIDE!  See, it’s selfishness that does not allow a person to forgive their brother, keeping them from being able to love (obey the 6th love commandment).  It is a powerful thing to understand 'pride' & 'love' are polar opposites, for it then allows us to fully grasp what we are ALL fighting in our lives (our own pride!), which will hopefully help us get victory over it (and it's evil fruit of sin) in order to be able to bear the “good fruit of love” and lay hold on eternal life.

As I was making the 'Bearing Fruit' video, I received a Christian Fishwrapper magazine in the mail.  (My mom signed me up for its subscription only months earlier.)  A few days before uploading the video I saw the November 2010 issue lying on my living room floor while heading out to do laundry; so I grabbed it for some reading material.  Well, I just shook my head in amazement (having experienced many little miraculous God-winks in my life) as I noticed the title to the mag's editorial article as I sat down to read at the laundry mat “A Tree with a Rotten Core?”  For the past two weeks, I had worked extensively in Microsoft Paint creating two trees to visually show people how a ‘Good tree’ is rooted in love and a “Bad tree’ is rooted in pride.  And here now was a Christian article with a title like that for me to read only days before I would upload my video!

To fully grasp the ‘coolness’ of this miracle please watch my “Bearing Fruit” video linked at the end of this blog, and then consider these excerpts I was reading from the Fishwrapper article:

“The strength of a tree is found in its inner core and root system.  When that core is infected and left untreated the tree will rot and eventually fall.  Nutrients are absorbed through the root system of the tree and flow up the trunk and out through the branches into the leaves.  When the tree receives good nourishment it is healthy and produces fruit.”

“Christianity is (supposed to be) a faith that … holds true to its core principles of love, kindness, humility … It doesn’t force its way.  It shows kindness instead of retaliation.  It shows servitude instead of superiority.  True Christianity wins its followers by going the second mile and by turning the other cheek.”

AMAZING!  Friend, I promise you with all my heart … God has called me to deliver a message to this world.  If you have not yet read the book He asked me to write, I humbly urge you to go to its website at and start reading.  Everything is there for free to learn!  Without a doubt, it’s one of the most important things you could do for your soul in this coming year 2012.

Watch the video here:  “What does ‘Bearing Fruit’ mean?”

Happy Holidays,


Approximately 872 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How Many Commandments were written on Each Stone Table?

Thankfully, the Word is getting out to mankind in these “last days” that God’s 10 Love Commandments, given in the wilderness at Mount Sinai, are simply the detailed instructions (or manual) on how one is to observe the Golden Rule. Specifically, the first 4 Love Commandments deal with our vertical relationship concerning “how to love God with all our heart” while the last 6 Love Commandments deal with our horizontal relationships concerning “how to love our neighbor as ourself”.  I’m still amazed at how many people have never been taught this powerful and enlightening truth, even in the church world!

Well, this past week I had an interesting notion pop into my mind while showering — I’m actually kind of shocked I never thought of it before!  But all of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere, I thought … “Wow, God spoke a lot of words over the 4th Love Commandment “Remember the Sabbath day to Keep it Holy” during His thunderous voicing of the 10 Commandments at Mount Sinai.”  And then quickly, I remembered how brief His words were for Love Commandments 6 thru 9.  And then like a lightning bolt it hit me … “Oh my goodness (judging by the number of words God spoke for each commandment) it’s EXTREMELY likely God wrote the first 4 Love Commandments on one stone Table and then the last 6 on the other, like a perfect summation of the Golden Rule — one Table for “how to love God” and one for “how to love your neighbor!”

Doing the math from Exodus 20, here are the number of words for each commandment — I realize this is the King James English Version of the ancient Hebrew, but the number of words, either way, for each commandment would be similar — Com #1 = 8, Com #2 = 90, Com #3 = 27, Com #4 = 94, Com #5 = 22, Com #6 = 4, Com #7 = 5, Com #8 = 4, Com #9 = 9, Com #10 = 33.  Totaling up Love Commandments 1 thru 4 yields 219 words, while Love Commandments 5 thru 10 yield only 77 words!  Do you see?  If God wrote 5 Commandments on each Table, then there would be a comparable 241 to 55 word difference.  This seems highly unlikely!

Now I know in 10 Commandment stone Table graphics you always see 5 Commandments listed on one Table and 5 on the other, but it almost certainly was not this way in the Hebrew God wrote on the stone Tables.  Something inside of me wants to believe that wherever the two stone Tables are today (if they still exist) the first 4 Love Commandments are written on the 1st Table, corresponding with the 1st of the Greatest of Commandments to “love God with all your heart” and the last 6 are written on the 2nd Table, corresponding with the 2nd of the Greatest of Commandments to “love your neighbor as yourself”.  I can’t wait to find out one day!

Happy Sabbath,


Approximately 875 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day of the Lord will "Come as a Thief"

Here’s a Biblical phrase in God’s holy Word that satanically-deceived, pre-tribulation rapture proponents misconstrue and then use to promote their erroneous and dangerous doctrine. They say, “See, Christ is “coming like a thief” which means he will secretly and silently snatch away millions of believers before the Antichrist arrives, and then Earth will continue on through another 7 years (or so) of the Great Tribulation period, until Christ comes back AGAIN at the very end.”  How anyone with a Bible ever believes this nonsense just amazes me.

Listen, a second-grader could read God’s Word and tell you precisely how and when Christ is coming.  For when Christ left this planet almost 2000 years ago, ascending into a cloud, two angels proclaimed: “… this same Jesus, which was taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner …” (Acts 1:11).  And only a little over a month earlier, Jesus had told his disciples: “Immediately AFTER the tribulation (Great Tribulation) of those days … they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together (rapture into the air) his elect (believers) from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other” (Matthew 24:29-31).  How could it not be any clearer?  Jesus Christ is coming back ONE time (not 2 more times!) in the clouds just like he left, at the sound of the last trumpet, gathering the believers into the air, at the VERY END of the Great Tribulation!  Simple. Crystal clear.  Elementary.

So what about this “coming as a thief” phrase?  What’s it about?  Friend, its meaning is easy to understand, too.  All it means is … for those people living in willful sin, meaning they have not repented or turned from their wicked ways — more specifically, they will be the millions and millions of people all over planet Earth who have the “mark of the beast” on their right hand or forehead to be able to buy and sell — Christ’s coming will be like a thief, because their souls will be PLUNDERED on that day!  In other words, they will LOSE (or have stolen from them) everything on that day, including their chance at obtaining eternal life, for their souls will be cast into hell.  It’s going to be excruciatingly terrible and painful for them.  They will have done to them exactly what happens to someone who is sleeping in a house at night, when a thief comes and steals everything they have.  Do you understand?  The Apostle Paul knew precisely the meaning of Christ’s “coming as a thief” phrase, when he wrote: “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night … but ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober” (I Thessalonians 5:2-6).  See, to those of us who are living righteously, Christ’s return will NOT be “like a thief” because NOTHING will be stolen (or taken) from us.  Rather, we will gain eternal life!  So again, it’s ONLY to those people living in darkness (willingly doing evil) that Christ’s return will be “like a thief”.

Do you understand now how this phrase “coming like a thief” has NOTHING to do with supporting a pretrib rapture theory?  It simply describes the spiritual nature of what Christ’s coming will be like to sinners on the day of his return.  Amazingly, to the embarrassment of pre-tribulation rapture proponents, a closer look at the use of this phrase “coming like a thief” in Scripture actually PROVES Christ's rapturous return will be at the VERY END of all things!  Listen to Peter: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up” (II Peter 3:10).  See, Christ’s “coming as a thief” phrase is used here to refer to the time at the very end of the Great Tribulation, when the surface of planet Earth, Antichrist, and all ungodly beast-marked people are about to be burned during Christ’s return, not 7 years (or so) before!  Additionally, in John’s book The Revelation we find the same evidence, for right before the seventh angel pours out its vial, which is the END of the Great Tribulation period, we read: “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame … And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done …” (The Revelation 16:15-17).  So please, please folks, don’t listen to Lucifer’s pre-tribulation rapture lies anymore, for he’s out to weaken your resolve to be faithful unto death, if need be, in the not-to-distant future!

Blessings in Christ Jesus,


Approximately 876 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The 'Faith' Video

One of the most enlightening verses in the Bible helping to explain the true meaning behind the phrases “Faith (believing) in God” or “Faith (believing) in Jesus” was written by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the church at Galatia: “FAITH which WORKETH by LOVE” (Galatians 5:6).  Oh, how I long for people to understand this simple and powerful truth: If you do not love through your daily thoughts, words, and deeds … YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD! ... You have NO FAITH in Him! ... Nor do you believe in Jesus!  Listen, you need to understand "God IS love"; thus, it’s impossible to say you “believe in love (God)” when you don’t love.  Do you see?  And what are the thoughts, words, and deeds of love?  Friend, they are totally and completely encompassed in the 10 Love Commandments – e.g. you don’t steal, you give; you don’t murder (hate), you forgive; you don’t lie, you speak truth, and on and on with each of them.

So when you read in the Bible “we are saved (or will obtain eternal life) by our FAITH”, please understand what this means: It means your ‘daily deeds of love (keeping of the 10 Love Commandments)’ is what will save you, for that is YOUR duty in obtaining eternal life!  This is what Paul meant when he wrote: “fight the GOOD fight of FAITH, lay hold on eternal life” (I Timothy 6:12).  And this is also what he meant when he wrote: “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Philippians 2:12).  If you understand this, you can then perfectly understand Jesus' answer when asked, “Good Master, what good thing shall I DO, that I may have eternal life?" (Matthew 19:16).  And he said, "if thou wilt enter into life, KEEP THE (10 LOVE) COMMANDMENTS" (Matthew 19:17).  See?  He was really just saying, “Prove you have faith in God, by your works of love!"

On November 18, 2010 (one year ago, yesterday) I uploaded a very poignant video explaining what it means to have soul-saving FAITH in God.  I hope you will find time to watch.

View video here: Faith (What does it mean to "Believe in Jesus")

In Christ’s love,


Approximately 877 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The "Isaac" Video

Here’s another Bible story flaunting God’s AMAZING ability to know the future, and His desire to demonstrate IT in order to prove to mankind (His spirit children on Earth!) that He exists.  Comprehending the true prophetic meaning behind the Old Testament Bible stories should SKY-ROCKET your belief in the living, invisible Creator God.  And this then, should satiate your heart with a sobering understanding that YOU (and everyone whom ever lived!) WILL stand in front of Him one day and give account for the deeds (thoughts, words, and actions) you have done during your time living in this age of sin on Earth!  Thus, if you will have ANY wisdom inside your heart at all, you should reverently fear this AWESOME and MIGHTY God, and always strive (fighting the Good fight of faith) to do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

Well, there’s no need for me to rewrite the life of Isaac’s prophetic revelation in this blog, for on November 11, 2010 (exactly one year ago today) I finished creating, and uploaded to YouTube, the video “Isaac (A Prophetic Picture of Christ’s First Coming)”.  So without futher ado … please click the link below and enjoy!

"Isaac (A Prophetic Picture of Christ's First Coming)"

May your faith and love for God soar!


Approximately 878 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, November 4, 2011

All Things Work Together for Good (To Them that Love God)

In early May 2007, I read a Bible verse I knew for years.  But this time it jumped off the page and hit me like never before: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28).  “ALL things,” I thought, “Really? ALL things?”  I was perplexed.  How could that possibly be?  Now realize, I knew exactly what God's Word taught concerning how one determines if someone “loves God” or not, for I knew Christ’s words: “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him” (John 14:21).  Subsequently, I understood completely that Paul’s verse was ONLY applicable to a person who truly proved they loved God by willingly and faithfully obeying His 10 love commandments.  And I knew I was in that category.  So it was right back to my puzzlement … “ALL things, REALLY!”  I just couldn’t shake it; days passed, and the stunning words wouldn’t leave my mind.

Then, Sunday May 6, 2007 arrived — the two year anniversary of my deceased dad's shadowed profile appearing on my refrigerator door.  After enjoying a wonderful Saturday Sabbath the day before, I was now out mowing grass in the evening on my riding mower.  All of a sudden ... wham! … clack, clack, clack … what?!!!  I had hit a tree root and severely bent and chipped my mower blades, which were now turned downward and plowing the ground.  “Ugghh,” I thought, "I wanted to get this yard work done before my strenuous Monday thru Friday carpentry week began."  Then it hit me, “Wait a minute! … Ah ha, God! … I got you!  You said ALL things work together for good to them that love you!  Well, no doubt, I love you ... and what's just happened is irritating and disappointing to me, so please tell me ... how are these broken mower blades working out for my good!”  You may laugh, but I was DEAD serious!  And little did I know … GOD KNEW IT TOO!

Well, it was too late in the evening for me to get new blades at Lowes — they closed early on Sundays — so I figured, “I’ll go tomorrow after work, get the blades, and finish mowing Monday night.”  Then I thought, “Oh wait, I'm almost out of cash, so I'll need to get money at an ATM first.”  Then I remembered, “My wallet is in my Toyota 4-Runner, and I always drive my old tattered Honda to work each day, so I need to get it and put it in my Honda for tomorrow.  (I know, I know … you should always keep your wallet with you, but my workplace was a retirement home about 4 miles from my apartment, and I only carried a few dollars for lunch each day.  I didn't use the Honda to go anywhere else.  Plus, I hate carrying a wallet in my pocket.  Therefore, I just left my wallet in my 4-Runner, which is the vehicle I drove everywhere else, and the only times I needed my wallet.)

Anyway, the next morning driving to work in my old Honda, I saw a cop standing on the road in a school zone, and he was violently pointing and motioning for me to pull over.  “Hmmm ... what have I done wrong?" I wondered.  He walked up to my window and firmly said, “Can I see your license, son?”  OH MY!!!!  RIGHT THEN IT HIT ME ... "IT'S A MIRACLE MY WALLET IS IN MY CAR!!!  IT'S ONLY THERE BECAUSE OF THE BROKEN MOWER BLADES!!!"  Satisfied, the cop calmly looked up from my license and said, “Alright son, this is a seat belt law stop.  And you don’t have your seat belt on.  So I’m going to write you a fine (it was only $10 dollars) and please use your seat belt in the future.”  Wow, I learned so much that day ... now my wallet is always in my vehicle, my seatbelt is always on, and NEVER, NEVER EVER do I question God about ANYTHING that happens in my life as to whether or not it is “working out for my good”.

Happy Sabbath, everyone,


Approximately 879 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The 'Joshua & the Battle of Jericho' Video

What still amazes me (even to this day!) is how I learned every detail of the Bible’s stories as a child, knowing them throughout my life, and yet never once do I remember questioning “Why?” about them.  They are so amazing, so incredible, so extraordinary, and yet I never asked, “I wonder why God wanted it done like that?”  Or, “Why did God do that?”  Or, “Why did God ask them to do that?”  I’ve always thought myself a fairly curious and inquisitive person, so it just AMAZES me that I failed to think anything more of God’s Bible stories.  I must confess I feel pretty naïve, dumb, and humbled whenever I think about it, and I cringe when someone tries to make ME out as the person who has somehow “figured out” the Biblical knowledge I’ve written about in my (really God’s!) book.  But it’s all part of this cross I now bear in delivering this exciting, life-changing message to the people of the world.

So how about the Old Testament story of Joshua & the Israelites conquering Jericho?  What an UNBELIEVABLE story, right?  I was hanging onto God’s every word as a child … "march around the city once for each of 6 days, don’t breathe a word, march around the city 7 times on the 7th day, make a long trumpet blast after the last time around, everyone shout, the walls will fall, and go up and take the city!  Whaaaaaat!!!  Are you joking?  Why didn’t I question any of this?  What was God doing?  What was He thinking!!!  Look, there are only three beliefs a person can have when considering the Old Testament Bible stories: (1) They are fairy tales, (2) They are real, with God doing very specific things for no reason at all, like some insane maniac, or (3) They are real, and every detail of what God did in them has tremendous meaning.  Which do you think is the case?

Oh, my friend … God is INCREDIBLE!!!  He is AMAZING!!!  He is THE ORIGINAL PROPHET!!!  His Bible’s stories are all PROPHECY!!!  The angel told John the Revelator: “the testimony of Jesus is the SPIRIT of PROPHECY” (The Revelation 19:10).  Why did God want to prophesy the future to mankind?  For PROOF to you and me that He exists! Listen, God set this world up in such a way that mankind understands NO mere MAN can know what is going to happen tomorrow.  Then God comes along in His Word and does just that!!!  That’s your proof, folks!  The existence of God is undeniable to anyone who will honestly study the Scriptures.  And why does God want you to be FULLY PERSUADED He exists?  Because then you have reason to desire to know, love, and please Him.  And this is all VERY GOOD towards the state of your eternal destiny!  Yes, God’s prophetic Word was written to increase mankind’s faith in God.

On October 26, 2010 (two days ago, a year back) I uploaded my sixth Bible teaching video entitled “Joshua & the Battle of Jericho (A prophetic picture of Christ’s Second Coming)”.  I pray you will watch the video.  It’s intense.  You may have to pause it here and there.  You may even have to watch it several times.  But in the end, your faith will grow as you learn (without a shadow of a doubt) the entire battle scene of Joshua & the Israelites conquering Jericho was a PRECISE PROPHETIC PICTURE of Jesus Christ’s soon coming battle with the Antichrist and an Earth full of ungodly people during his Second Coming.

Enjoy the video: “Joshua & the Battle of Jericho”

Peaceful Sabbath to all,


Approximately 880 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beware of Today's Preachers!

On Sunday July 22, 2007 I was attending church.  As I went to sit down in my pew after the worship portion of the service was over, I unexpectedly heard God speak these words very clearly and sternly to me: “Get your Bible and your things and LEAVE NOW!!!”  Woah, I was SHOCKED!  But believe me … I KNOW the Lord’s voice, so I immediately got my things together and embarrassedly ran out of there like the building was on fire! Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the Lord speak to you directly, but if you have, you know there is always additional understanding that follows His few spoken words.  Well, such was the case this day … for even as I was fleeing the church, I knew what He was telling me was He didn’t want me attending ANY church buildings anymore!  And I obeyed, and am still obeying to this day.

Then, less than 5 months later, on the Saturday Sabbath morning of December 8, 2007, I awoke to the powerful presence of the Spirit of the Lord revealing to me the incredible meaning behind the Israelite's bondage-to-Promise Land story.  It was information I had NEVER heard from ANY minister on TV or in ALL my years of church going.  It was knowledge I didn’t even know existed in God’s Word!  I again was SHOCKED!  And the rest is history … much more incredible Biblical understanding, the book, the website, the videos, this blog, and now technology where I am able to contact over 400 new people everyday with this message.  No doubt, it’s been a remarkable journey!

Now listen, I’m not advocating people run from their churches.  I’ve written this blog to bear witness to what’s happened to me, because people online continually ask me, “Do you go to church, and if so, where?”  So now I can simply point them to this blog, which will save me time in answering the many emails I get each day.  But I do want to say the following in all sincerity and concern for you: Be VERY WARY of whom you listen to expound on God’s Word, for Satan has concocted many subtly false and disastrous doctrines that he speaks through preacher’s mouths in today’s church world.  The point of these doctrines is threefold: (1) to make you believe obtaining eternal life is a sure thing from something you did once, prayed once, or mentally acknowledge, (2) to remove your fear of God, and (3) to lessen your desire and concern for having to live righteously.  The end result is … you remain FULL of pride (selfishness), love your earthly life, and willfully sin (disobey the 10 love commandments) at every step, all the while attending church each week and thinking you are fine and on your way to heaven, when the reality is you are fumbling and stumbling like a drunkard headfirst towards the precipice of hell!

None of this should surprise you though, for the VERY SAME THINGS (deceptive and destructive demonic doctrines) were being told through preacher's mouths in Jesus’ day. Listen to Christ confront them about it: “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. You won’t go in yourselves, and you don’t let others enter either. What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you shamelessly cheat widows out of their property and then pretend to be pious by making long prayers in public. Because of this, you will be severely punished. What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you cross land and sea to make one convert, and then you turn that person into twice the child of hell you yourselves are!” (Matthew 23:13-15).  I’ll leave it to you to discern how these EXACT SAME THINGS are happening today!  But please, please, for the love of the eternal destiny of your soul, beware of today’s preachers my dear friends: "Beware of the deceptive teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees" - Jesus (Matthew 16:6)

The Truth behind the Israelite's bondage-to-Promise Land story:

Peaceful Sabbath to all,


Approximately 881 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The 'What is Truth' Video

In last week’s blog I wrote: “The Bible is like a puzzle with its many terms — e.g. love, truth, light, bearing fruit, faith, grace, etc — being the pieces.  Sadly, most people (even preachers) have no clue how these pieces all neatly fit together; thus, when reading the Bible, most people become confused, and the truth of God’s salvational (how to obtain eternal life) doctrine always remains unclear in their mind.  Truly, the most important aspect of the book God had me write is the fact that while the reader is reading it, the beautiful pieces (terms) of God’s Word begin snapping together in their mind, and when they are finished, leave them staring in perfect clarity at a completed picture of God’s Word.  And this wisdom and understanding is priceless, for the reader then knows with complete assurance the truth of God’s salvational doctrine, which gives them a better chance of DOING what they need to DO to lay hold on eternal life for their soul.”

After writing the above last week, I then discussed how the “10 Commandments” are really just a detailed explanation of the “Two Great Commandments” — namely, (1) to love God with all your heart and (2) to love your neighbor as yourself (also known as the “Golden Rule”).  The first 4 Commandments express how to love God and the last 6 express how to love your neighbor.  Thus, the 10 Commandments can and should be forever known in people’s minds as the “10 LOVE Commandments”, which equal the Golden Rule!  I wish this information was so engrained in people’s spirits that whenever they heard the word “love” they would instantly think, “Oh, that’s the 10 Commandments!”  Or if they heard someone talking about the 10 Commandments, they would instantly think “Oh, that’s just how a person LOVES!”

Ok, so this week I’m breaking out a new Bible puzzle piece … the word is “TRUTH”.  This is so simple folks … are you ready?  The Truth is Love!  Yes, the “Truth” is also EXACTLY equal to the “10 Love Commandments” & the “Golden Rule”.  Do you understand?  Don’t take this revelation lightly, for it will help GREATLY in comprehending God’s Word.  For instance, Jesus said: “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that DOETH TRUTH cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God (love)” (John 3:19-21).  See, “doing truth” means “obeying the 10 Love Commandments”.  In other words, Jesus was saying, “Anyone that keeps the 10 Love Commandments loves the light, and their deeds are proved Godly.”

Well, I’m not going to rewrite the book in this blog, but I sincerely hope you find time to read the book I wrote … the “Truth” chapter is chapter 12.  On October 12, 2010 (two days ago, a year back) I uploaded the video I created called “What is Truth” to support the message in this chapter of the book.  May it bless you mightily.

Enjoy the video: “What is Truth”

Happy Feast of Tabernacles,


Approximately 882 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The 'What is Love' video

The Bible is like a puzzle with its many terms — e.g. love, truth, light, bearing fruit, faith, grace, etc — being the pieces.  Sadly, most people (even preachers) have no clue how these pieces all neatly fit together; thus, when reading the Bible, most people become confused, and the truth of God’s salvational (how to obtain eternal life) doctrine always remains unclear in their mind.  Truly, the most important aspect of the book God had me write is that while the reader is reading it, the beautiful pieces (terms) of God’s Word begin to snap together in their mind, and when they are finished, leave them staring in perfect clarity at a completed picture of God’s Word.  This wisdom and understanding is priceless, for the reader then knows with absolute assurance the full truth of God’s salvational doctrine, which gives them a better chance at DOING what they need to DO to lay hold on eternal life for their soul.

In this regard, just this past week I received the following perplexing comment on one of my YouTube videos: “Did you know that the greatest of all commandments are not part of the Ten Commandments?  Actually, all the commandments and laws are derived from only two commandments.  Jesus said this, answering the question of law experts in Matthew 22:36-40: ‘Teacher, which commandment is the greatest? And He said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all your soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”  Do you hear the puzzlement?  This person started out by saying the two greatest commandments are NOT part of the Ten Commandments, then turns right around and says all the commandments are part of the two greatest commandments.  Huh?

The truth is this; the two great commandments ARE part of the 10 love commandments … they simply summarize them!  The first 4 love commandments define how to ‘love God with all your heart’ and the last 6 define how to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’.  Paul wrote: “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Romans 13:8-9).  See how the terms “the ten commandments” & “the two great commandments (better known as the Golden Rule)” fit together?  They are the same thing!  They are TOTALLY a part of each other!

After I replied to the above person, they wrote me back: “Yea, in Romans 13:8-10, Apostle Paul hit the nail right on the head with this.  It’s beautiful!  Gabriel, I’m reading your book.  It’s amazing.”  Yes, God’s Word is AMAZING!  It’s a beautiful masterpiece once fully understood.  Interestingly, on October 7, 2010 (exactly one year ago, today) I uploaded my fifth Bible teaching YouTube video entitled “What is Love” which deals precisely with the subject this person’s comment raised this week.

Enjoy the video: “What is Love

Holy Yom Kippur to all,


Approximately 883 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Feast of Trumpets

One of the most amazing subjects to learn about in the Bible is God’s 7 Feasts and the incredible prophetic significance behind them.  In the wilderness (circa 1334 BC) God first announced these feasts to the Israelites through Moses: “And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, concerning the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts …” (Leviticus 23:1-2).  The word “feast” was translated from the Hebrew word “mô’ēd” meaning: meeting; appointed time, designated time, season.  And the word “convocation” was translated from the Hebrew word “migrā” meaning: assembly, calling the community together.  Subsequently, these 7 feasts were God’s “appointed times” each year for assembling the people together.  But for what reason?  What was God’s purpose in establishing these holy feast days?  Oh, it couldn’t be more AMAZING!

In the remainder of Leviticus chapter 23 God gives the instructions behind and specific day(s) to keep each of the 7 feasts based on a lunar calendar.  Three feasts were to be kept in the spring month of Nissan: Passover on the 14th, Unleavened Bread from the 15th to 21st, and Firstfruits on the day after the weekly Sabbath occurring during the days of Unleavened Bread.  The fourth feast, the Feast of Weeks, was to be kept 50 days after Firstfruits.  And the last three feasts were to be kept in the fall month of Tishri: Trumpets on the 1st of the month (new moon phase), Day of Atonement on the 10th, and Tabernacles from the 15th to 21st.

Well, when the messiah Christ Jesus arrived on Earth and died on the very day of Passover, becoming our Passover Lamb — “for even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us” (I Corinthians 5:7) — and rose from the grave on the very day of Firstfruits, becoming the firstfruits resurrection of the dead “But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept … but every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming” (I Corinthians 15:20-23) and sent the Holy Ghost on the very day of the Feast of Weeks (“Pentecost” is a Greek word meaning “50” for the 50 days the Feast of Weeks was kept after Firstfruits) it became rather obvious to those enlightened that something special was behind God’s feasts!  They were as Paul later wrote: “a shadow of things to come” (Colossians 2:17).  Yes, God’s first 4 feasts were prophecy, revealing the VERY DAYS (during a calendar year) in which God the Messiah met with mankind during the time of his First Coming!

Now friend, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the significance behind the remaining three feasts and to realize they too are “appointed times” God has penciled in to meet with mankind in the very near future: Trumpets, Atonement, & Tabernacles!  These are CLEARLY the events left to occur during the time of Christ’s Second Coming: his rapturous return at a Trumpet blast “And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet …” (Matthew 24:31) his official Atonement of the saints “that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come … and he shall send Jesus Christ … whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things” (Acts 3:19-21) and his official Tabernacle with us “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them” (The Revelation 21:3).  Yes, without a doubt, these three feasts will be fulfilled too on their VERY DAYS during a soon coming calendar year.  This year the Feast of Trumpets is occurring right now!  So if you get a chance tonight, go outside and look up at the moonless sky, for THIS is the time of year Christ will return, at the very end of the Antichrist's reign during the phase of a new fall moon!

Wonderful video on the Messiah's fulfillment of God's first 4 feast: "The Best video VenomFangX made"

Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone,


Approximately 884 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The 'Sodom & Gomorrah' video

After uploading my testimony video “Gabriel Ansley’s Miraculous Testimony” on September 15, 2010, I was immediately inspired to begin work on creating a video for the revelation God had given me behind the story of Sodom & Gomorrah.  Amazingly, only eight days later I was finished with it, and I uploaded it on September 23, 2010 (exactly a year ago today).  There were no miracles behind the making of this video, except for possibly the “Jewish month” transpiring during which God inspired me to create it, which corresponds perfectly with the meaning behind the story.  I’ll explain.

The Biblical account of God’s wrathful destruction of the land of Sodom & Gomorrah and ALL its wicked inhabitants with FIRE, while saving only ONE righteous ‘house of people’ (Lot’s house) by sending angels to lead them out of the city right before the destruction commenced was/is a precise prophetic picture of what’s going to take place on Earth during Jesus Christ’s Second Coming!  At Christ’s return “immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days” (Matthew 24:29) there will be two types of people on Earth — the wicked who have taken the Antichrist’s mark (in order to be able to buy and sell) and the righteous who have not.  The wicked make up the ‘house of the devil’ which is why Jesus said, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do” (John 8:44) and the righteous make up the ‘house of Christ’ which is why Paul wrote, “But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we …” (Hebrews 3:6).  In the end, the righteous will be saved and the wicked will be destroyed.

So it’s just like the story of Sodom & Gomorrah portrayed ... on the day of Christ’s return God will “send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together (rapture) his elect (one righteous house) from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other” (Matthew 24:31) lifting them up off planet Earth into the air to be safe with the Lord, while God simultaneously rains down fire and brimstone, setting the ENTIRE earth on fire to destroy ALL the wicked: “For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and ALL the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts” (Malachi 4:1).  And “the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be BURNED UP” (II Peter 3:10).

This terrible and great ‘day of the Lord’ will arrive during God’s 5th yearly commemorated feast day, known as the the 'Feast of Trumpets'.  God's 7 Feasts (or appointed times with mankind) were prophetic "shadows of things to come" (Colossians 2:16-17).  Jesus fulfilled the prophetic meaning behind the first 4 Feasts on their VERY DAYS during the year of his death, which was Earth’s 4,000 year; subsequently, we would be extremely naive to not understand he will fulfill the prophetic meaning behind the last 3 Feasts on their VERY DAYS during the year of his Second Coming, which will be Earth’s 6,000 year.  The Feast of Trumpets occurs at the phase of a new moon in the late summer/early fall months of each year.  It is penciled in for September 21, 2028 (a HIGHLY LIKELY year of Christ’s return) which is two days less than 17 years from tonight!

Enjoy the video: “Sodom & Gomorrah (A prophetic picture of Christ’s Second Coming)”

Shabbat Shalom,


Approximately 885 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Miracle behind 'Gabriel Ansley's Miraculous Testimony' Video

After experiencing the amazing thunderous rainstorm and rainbow miracle (mirroring the Flood story of Noah!) on the Saturday Sabbath of August 21, 2010, contemporaneous with my creation of the “Noah’s Ark & the Flood” video, I uploaded the video on Monday August 23, 2010.  The next day I woke up, turned on my computer, and tried to connect to the internet … and nothing.  “Hmmm, what’s up?” I wondered.  Then I noticed my external modem was not showing any blinking green lights (not a good sign).  So after several calls (back and forth) to AT&T during the day and some waiting, long story short, I got the news that night from AT&T that my modem was fried and that it would be 3 days or so until they would have a new one at my door.

Confused, I woke up the next day, walked out to my couch in the living room, and sat down to talk to God.  “Lord,” I said, “What’s up?  You asked me to quit my job back in March of this year (during Passover week) to work for you, and you know I’ve been diligently working everyday.  I learned website HTML & CSS coding, I designed a website, I wrote all the chapter summary material for the website, I learned Windows MovieMaker software to make videos, and here I am now without anyway to work for the next 3 days because I can’t get online to search for images to make a video.  Lord, I know you're with me, for you've been doing timely miracles for me along the way, so are you just giving me a break?  You know me Lord, I love to work ... I don’t need a break!

Then, in an instant, the Lord replied, “Son, I’ve laid it on your heart several times in the past month that I want you to make a testimony video of the miraculous things I’ve done in your life.  Well, NOW is that time!!!”  Oh my, instantly I remembered these thoughts had crossed my mind several times in the past month, and I also remembered my thinking each time they had, “I’ll wait until the very end of all my video creating until I make a testimony video, for people will just think I’m being prideful and wanting to gloat about the things God has done for me.”  Wow, so you can imagine my surprise getting this command from the Lord!

Then, as I still sat on the couch, He began to show me how this video didn’t need online images ... it needed me to spend a day combing through my old baby box and finding newspaper clippings and pictures of my life to scan into the computer, it needed me to rearrange my apartment back to the way it looked on the night of May 6, 2005 when my deceased father’s shadowed profile appeared on my refrigerator door, it needed me to then take pictures of the scene with my camera and upload them, it needed me to drive to the Phonoluxe Records store and get the old “Final Cut” movie and “In Another World” Joe Diffie CD for their images and music.  (He told me the store to go to and amazingly they were both there!)  Yes, without a doubt, there was MUCH work to be done for the next video He wanted me to make — He wasn't giving me a break!  LOL — and I didn’t need online for ANY of it! How awesome is God?  He shut my internet connection down to compel me to make a testimony video when He wanted it made!  And a little over 3 weeks later it was done, for I uploaded the video “Gabriel Ansley’s Miraculous Testimony” on Wednesday September 15, 2011 (yesterday, a year ago).

Watch Gabriel’s testimony video: “Gabriel Ansley’s Miraculous Testimony”

Shabbat Shalom,


Approximately 886 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Where Will You Be When the World Stops Turning?

It was a clear Tuesday in Nashville Tennessee, and I was doing carpentry work in a big house right beside Alan Jackson’s 25,000 square feet home off of Moran road.  They were the only two houses in sight in a huge expanse of beautiful green scenery.  In my heart I was far from God, and it was morning time September 11, 2001.  Suddenly, my country radio station was interrupted by a strange report of a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City.  “Well, that’s weird,” I thought.  Then soon after the report came through that another one had hit the other Tower!  Then the Pentagon!  Then fear hit me, “Are we being attacked?  What’s happening?  How bad is this going to get?”  Sadly, I don’t remember once thinking about or talking to God through the whole ordeal.

But oh what a difference 10 years can make in a life!  Here it is two days before the 10 year anniversary of September 11, 2001 (this Sunday) and yet it feels like just yesterday when the Towers collapsed.  Goodness, how time flies!  And now God is my whole life, and He has me positioned here on the internet delivering a prophetic message to the world for Him that reveals when His son Jesus Christ’s return to Earth will be “even at the doors” (Matthew 24:33).  It hit me the other day that September 2001 was precisely 20 years from September 2021, which is the month and year God has shown me is likely the time the final 7 years (Antichrist’s reign) in this age of sin will commence on Earth.  And then September 2028 during Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) is likely the time of Jesus Christ’s rapturous and fiery Second Coming!  If you’ve read my book, you know the significance of the number “20” to God; it's His Biblical number of redemption.  So it is interesting to me that America’s greatest terror attack happened precisely 20 years from the very possible start of the world’s greatest time of terror!

Folks, these next 10 years are going to FLY bye.  Consider the length of time from September 11, 2001 till right now, and then realize that same amount of time is all that’s left till September of 2021 and the Antichrist coming onto the world scene!  I don’t know where you are in your heart towards God, but I feel an awful sense of urgency in mine for the people of the world.  This “thing” is almost over, folks!  The “end” is almost here!  God’s 6 Day (6,000 year) plan is close to completion, and the door to the Kingdom of God will soon be shut!  I’m begging you, if your heart is far from God ... NOW is the time to turn your face towards Him.  If you haven’t talked to Him in awhile ... NOW is the time to begin!  If you’re chasing this perishing world, I implore you to start chasing the eternal God.

Listen, everything on Earth is going to burn in a Flood of Fire in about 17 years!  Peter wrote; “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness” (II Peter 3:10-11).  Do you understand?  “Holy conversation and Godliness” means “to obey God’s 10 Love Commandments”.  In the end, that’s ALL that’s going to count in your life — i.e. the selfless love you showed God and others.  If you did, you’ll live; if you didn’t, you’ll perish!  Alan Jackson wrote a reflective song about September 11, 2001 called “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” but I’m asking you now, approximately 17 years ahead of time, "Where WILL you BE when the world stops turning?"

Alan Jackson - "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning"
Kris Kristofferson - "Why Me Lord"

God bless,


Approximately 887 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Miracle behind the 'Noah's Ark & the Flood' Video

After uploading my first teaching YouTube video “God’s Master Time Plan (7 prophetic Day Creation story)” on August 10, 2010, which coincided with chapter 1 in the book, God immediately impressed on my heart to start working on a video for the amazing revelation He had given me on the true prophetic meaning behind the story of Noah and the Flood, which would coincide with chapter 4.  So after two intense weeks of creating the video, I was ready to upload it on Monday August 23, 2010 (three days ago a year back).  It would be entitled “Noah’s Ark & the Flood (A prophetic picture of Christ’s Second Coming)”.  But to tell you the miracle behind the video I must back up two days to God’s Holy Saturday Sabbath day of August 21, 2010 and relay to you the account.

Around 4:30 pm in the afternoon it began to rain HARD.  And then the first bone-jarring thunder strike occurred.  Not distant rumblings, not distant thunder, I’m talking right over head!  You know the type … the ones that crack like C4, making you almost jump out of your skin!  I thought, “Wow, that was impressive, God!”  Then I walked out into my garage and raised the overhead garage door to take a look.  (Those of you who have read the book know this also happened to me while writing the Noah chapter!)  Then another terrifying CRACK! Thick sizzling rain.  Dark rumbling sky.  And about every 10 to 20 seconds another ear-splitting thunderclap right over head!  I was stunned at the frequency and intensity of the thunder.  Each one sounded like 20 shotguns going off simultaneously, echoing throughout the neighborhood.  So I pulled up a small plastic chair in my garage and just sat there amazed.  (Remember now, I had been mentally living the horrifying Flood story of Noah and the Ark, day and night, for the past 2 weeks in creating the video.)  And this was easily the most impressive thunderstorm I had ever experienced in my life.  So I just sat there stunned, watching and listening to the incredible thunderous deluge.

Well, after about 10 shocking minutes of this (growing more and more convinced with each passing minute that this whole thing was being done of God!) all of a sudden the weirdest thought came into my mind in the form of a question, “Oh, my goodness, Lord, you’re going to bring a rainbow out right after this, just like the story of Noah, aren’t you?  And right here for me to see at my house!!!”  Now folks listen, I’ve lived here at this house for over 10 years and haven’t seen one rainbow from here.  There are trees everywhere, so you can’t see off in the distance very far; thus, it’s just not a good area to spot a rainbow.  So you can imagine my surprise when that question arose in my mind as I sat in my garage!  It was like my own reasoning self wrestled with me, “Ah, that’s not likely to happen.”  But then somewhere else deep down inside my spirit, it was like I just knew this amazing storm was from God, and that He was actually confirming His approval of the video I had been working on for the past two weeks (patting me on the back so to speak as if saying, “Well done, son!”).  A rainbow — yes or no — would decide the truth.

A few minutes later the heavy rain stopped and the sun came out.  I jumped out of my chair like a jackrabbit and ran excitedly out back into the yard looking straight up in the sky because of the trees — no rainbow.  “One more chance,” I thought, “... out front!”  So I took off running around my house, and God as my witness there it was — a rainbow!!!  It was located in the only area where I could look off in the distance somewhat.  All I can say is this my friend, God is 100% behind this message He has given me to proclaim to the world in these last days.  And as shocking as the prophetic message is, I’m going to write it once again for all of you to hear … Jesus Christ will return to planet Earth during its 6,000 year JUST LIKE God prophesied in the story of Noah!  And THAT year will be precisely 2,000 years from the year Jesus Christ DIED on the cross.

Video of C4 blast sounding like the incredibly close and scary thunder I was hearing in the rainstorm … turn it up and don’t watch the screen!!!: “Huge C4 Explosion in Afghanistan”

Enjoy now every part of the anointed video: “Noah’s Ark & The Flood (A prophetic picture of Christ’s Second Coming)”

Shabbat Shalom,


p.s. We’ll continue this topic (the miracles behind the videos) in three weeks when I tell you the miracle behind the next video God asked me to make “Gabriel Ansley’s Miraculous Testimony” uploaded September 15, 2010.

Approximately 889 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Best Preachers are in Hell

One day Jesus told a story, “There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, who fared sumptuously every day: And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus which was laid at his gate, full of sores and desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table; moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. And it came to pass that the beggar died and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died and in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham afar off and Lazarus with him. And he cried, “Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am in torment in these flames.” But Abraham said, “Son, remember during your lifetime you had everything you wanted and Lazarus had nothing; so now he is comforted and you are tormented.”

Then the rich man cried out, “Oh, please, Father Abraham, then at least send him to my father’s home, for I have five brothers, and I want him to warn them so they won’t end up in this terrible place of torment!” But Abraham said, “Moses and the prophets have warned them; your brothers can read what they wrote.” But he cried out all the more, “No, Father Abraham, they won’t read it! But if someone is sent to them from the dead, then they will repent (cease) of their sins and turn to God!” But Abraham said, “Son, if they won’t listen to Moses and the prophet’s teachings, they won’t listen even if someone rises from the dead” (Luke 16:19-31).

Wow, can you hear the anguish in the rich man’s voice?  His whole life was laid bare before his eyes now, and he knew God’s Truth.  He knew what life on Earth was supposed to be about, and that he had failed his test.  It was about love!  It was for learning how to sacrifice one’s own life in order to love others out of a pure heart.  It was to live everyday “doing unto others what you would want them to do unto you, for this is the law of Moses and the prophets in a nutshell” (Matthew 7:12).  In other words, whomever you meet, immediately put yourself in their shoes, and then treat them like you would want to be treated if you were them.  That, my friend, is pure unselfish LOVE!  That’s love defined in a sentence!  And that’s the whole essence of God’s law (10 love commandments) to mankind.  It’s that simple.

But unfortunately, this was EXACTLY what the rich man didn’t do.  He lived his whole life full of pride (self love) displayed in his extravagant lifestyle.  Deep down inside his heart, he didn’t care about anyone but himself!  And that pride is the very source of all sin (lawlessness or lovelessness) for it will manifest itself in a ‘love of money (dirt)’ which leads to ALL disobedience of God’s 10 love commandments — i.e. idolatry, blasphemy, hating (not forgiving), stealing (not giving), lying, covetousness, etc — which are wicked (loveless) deeds done towards people's spirits, which is doing it to God.  He could still see Lazarus lying there at his gate, head hanging down in shame, begging him, “Please, sir, could you spare me just a few scraps of food … I’m real sick and not able to work.”  But all this did was irritate him, and now his foolish, self-centered, loveless life was killing him.  And if there’s one, there’s a hundred million more in hell, screaming “OH, GOD, DON’T COME HERE PEOPLE!!! REPENT OF YOUR SINS!!! TURN FROM YOUR SELFISH LIFESTYLE AND LOVE OTHERS BY OBEYING GOD’S 10 LOVE COMMANDMENTS!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YOU TO LISTEN!!! Their demeanor is intense, their passion is palpable, and their voice rings with conviction.  They don’t mix words.  Their doctrine is simple and pure, transcending all religions … you must turn from evil to reap eternal life!  Yes, truly, the best preachers are in hell.  But sadly, nobody hears them.

Good teaching video here: "Love of Money"
Good preaching video here: "Sold Out or Lip Service"

In Christ’s love,


Approximately 890 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Miracle behind the 'God's Master Time Plan' Video

In July 2010 God informed me He wanted me to make YouTube videos to help explain (in visual format) the information in the book.  Specifically, He wanted me to create a video for each of the 20 chapters in the book and then embed that video at the top of its respective ‘chapter summary’ page on the book’s website.  I definitely knew my work was cut out for me, but I also knew God would be right there with me during the whole process. Shockingly, what I had NO CLUE about was that He was going to confirm that fact to me through timely miracles!  Consequently, as the one year anniversary of the videos I made come up, I’m going to be sharing some of the miracles behind them in these blogs.  God has asked me to do this for Him (for a written record) to further enhance YOUR belief in the amazing message He has given me to proclaim to the world.

After uploading my first two YouTube videos on July 21 & July 22, 2010 (of two songs I had written and sung) God immediately laid on my heart the first teaching video He wanted me to make … it would be for chapter 1 entitled “God’s Master Time Plan”.  So I was off and running on July 23, 2010 creating the video.  Thankfully, I had read so much about Windows MovieMaker software that I was fairly sufficient in the program and was thus having a lot of fun making the video.  But when I finally finished it almost three weeks later on August 10, 2010 (two days ago a year back) I noticed there was a small problem; the video had wound up being 11 minutes and 16 seconds long (with no way to shorten it) and YouTube’s video upload limit length was 10 minutes!  “Bummer,” I thought, “now I’m going to have to split this video and upload it as two separate videos (part 1 & part 2) which will make it tougher for people to access the information and ruin the neat look I had envisioned of a single video headlining each chapter summary page on the book’s website.”  Ugghh!

But right then I logged into my YouTube account and noticed a new message at the top that shocked me: “YouTube has increased its upload limit length to 15 minutes!”  Are you kidding me?  Is this real?  I couldn’t believe it!!!  Then I felt God looking down on me, giving a wink of the eye and nod of the head.  Wow, I had to investigate this!  I had to know WHEN YouTube changed its FOUR YEAR OLD policy of 10 minute video upload limit lengths; and there it was … July 29, 2010 (right in the middle of my creating the God’s Master Time Plan video)!!!  Amazing!  Did the Creator of the universe move the minds of the ‘powers to be’ at YouTube to make the decision to increase their video upload limit length from 10 to 15 minutes right now (exactly when I needed it to upload my 11:16 video!) just for my (His really) benefit?  Was He THAT passionate about every little detail of this message being just right for the world to easily hear, learn and know?  Well, you just keep those questions (and this first little miraculous happenstance) tucked away in the back of your mind and wait until I tell you what else happened as He led me to make more videos!  After hearing it all, I promise you will then have sufficient evidence to ponder in forming an opinion as to whether or not you believe this work (message) is from God.

Listen folks, I know this message concerning Christ's return around AD 2028 is not popular with the world.  I understand those of you who are consumed by an idolatrous pursuit of the materialistic world do not want to hear these things.  You desire to get married.  You want to buy a house.  You envision your kids getting married and having grandchildren.  You think about your retirement.  And on and on.  But I am telling you the truth no matter how unpleasant it sounds to your ears … there are only about 10 years left until the final 7 years begin (around AD 2021) with the Antichrist and his horrible 666 mark coming onto the world scene.  Then three and one half years later (around AD 2025) He will reveal his true EVIL self and the worst time of death the world has EVER known will commence on this planet in what is known Biblically as the Great Tribulation.  But three and one half years later (around AD 2028) he and a world of ungodly beast-marked people will be destroyed off the face of Earth by the fiery and rapturous return of Jesus Christ.  So I humbly urge you to start weaning your desires off of this old sinful world that is perishing, start drawing ever closer to your heavenly Father, and begin setting your affections on things above.

Proof 1: Here’s the link to Wikipedia’s YouTube entry. (In the contents section near the top click on "Section 2.1.2 Uploading" to learn when YouTube increased its upload limit length from 10 to 15 minutes. There's a small #44 superscript link that leads to the exact date.)

Proof 2: Here’s the link to the God’s Master Time Plan video. (The upload date is located under the video.)

Proof 3: Here’s the page link to Chapter Summary 1 on the book’s website. (Notice the God’s Master Time Plan video is neatly perched at the top as one complete video.)

Happy Sabbath everyone,


p.s. I’ll continue this topic in two weeks when I tell you the STUNNING miracle behind the second teaching video God impressed on me to make “Noah’s Ark & the Flood” which I uploaded August 23, 2010.

Approximately 891 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, August 5, 2011

How The Book Became Free to Read Online

I was caught completely off guard! During Passover (Easter) week 2010, God controlled the circumstances of my life to impress on me to quit my job (the same job!) for a second time.  The first time had been in February 2008 when He asked me to quit my job to write down the message He had revealed to me December 8, 2007.  I obeyed and nine months later I was financially broke, but a 400 page book manuscript had been roughly drafted.  Then, amazingly, in October 2008 my old job hired me back!  So as I worked to save money, I would also work tired in the evenings and weekends continually editing the manuscript.  Finally, by October 2009 the book was written, and after a long 4 month publication process and $12,500 paid (money saved up from working the last year and a half!) 4,500 books were sitting in my garage January 2010.

Then God prompted, “Gabriel, the book (message) needs a home on the web, and I need YOU to create it.”  But there was a problem … I knew NOTHING about websites!  So I quickly got to work online learning about them — domain names, hosting, html & css, etc — and in February 2010 I bought Adobe CS4 (with Dreamweaver) website creating software and two huge books (1600 pages combined) to learn html & css coding.  Overwhelmed, I said “Lord, you know it’s going to be awhile for me to make this website, for you know how tired I am in the evenings after working hard all day, and to read and learn all this complicated stuff and then create a website?”  So I settled myself in for the long haul.  But then like lightning …WHAM! … circumstances erupted in March 2010, and there was God saying, “Son, I need you to quit your job again to get these things done asap.”  I was stunned!  I never saw it coming!  So Wednesday March 31 2010 (Passover week) I was unemployed AGAIN.

Remarkably, after just three crammed months of learning, creating and writing, the UBP website and content (chapter summaries) was uploaded by July 2010.  I was so happy! Then God said, “Now it’s video creation time, son.”  Oh, my!  Another two books, more reading, more learning, more creating, more going financially broke, and I uploaded my first two YouTube music videos “The Prisoner” July 21 & “He’s Coming Back” July 22, 2010 (a little over a year ago today).  Now since the videos promoted the book website’s url at the end, within a few days I received my first email from a lady about the book.  After accusing me of greed, she meanly said, “How comes your entire book isn’t on your website to read for free … freely received, freely give!”

Wow, now I’m not going to lie, I was MAD!  I was HURT!  It felt like she punched me straight in the gut. Instantly, the last three years of my life flashed before me, everything I had went through and given up, the agonizing 40 day fast, a woman I could have married, a good paying job twice, going broke (even then!), the exhausting mental work of writing the book, the costly publishing process.  It took everything I had, my whole life, all my time, all my energy, all my strength, and all this ungrateful woman could basically cackle was, “Give me your book for free, for you haven’t done anything!”  Man, I walked out to my couch and curled up in the fetal position and just laid there.  I was steaming!  I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I had been through and how untrue this woman’s words were.  Then about fifteen minutes later, while still lying there, I unexpectedly heard God ask one simple question of me, “So what are you going to do about the book?”

OH MY, GOODNESS!  I knew INSTANTLY what He meant!  I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it ... HE WANTED the entire book posted online for the world to read for free!  Wow, I immediately picked my sorry sack of bones up off the couch, scolded myself harshly for my pathetic selfish (prideful) thoughts — as if I had done something ... please, Jesus gave up his whole life on Earth for his fellow man going through crucifixion on a cross for us! — and I got to work on figuring out how to post the complete PDF book file on the website.  A few hours later it was done.  Then I lay down in my bed and the amazing peace of God flooded my soul.  I could feel Him smiling down on me, as if saying, “That’s my boy!”  And now thousands of people have read the book online in the last year, and I couldn’t be happier that God’s message is reaching the world.

Praise His name forevermore,


Approximately 892 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

God's 7 Day (7,000 Year) Master Time Plan Chart

I met a dear brother from Lebanon about 9 months ago (who now lives in Canada) whose life has been greatly blessed by reading the book, and this past week he kindly blessed me back by creating a new sharper Photoshop version of my God’s 7 Day (7,000 Year) Master Time Plan chart which is posted at the bottom of the book website’s homepage.  So I’ve decided this week to make a few additional comments about the amazing information on this chart, as it is a stupefying revelation into how God declared His major plans for planet Earth (including the timing of things!) all from the Creation.  You might want to look at the chart as I make these comments, so the link to it is HERE.

For those of you who haven’t read the book yet, God said in His Word “I DECLARED the END from the BEGINNING, and from ancient times THINGS THAT ARE NOT YET DONE” (Isaiah 46:10).  Now since there is only one beginning which was the Creation, it stems to reason somehow somewhere God’s “declaration of the end” is in it.  And it is!  For God chose to use 7 days in the Creation event (as opposed to some other number) to foretell of a 7,000 solar year plan for Earth (each Creation Day representing a 1,000 year period) with the 7th Day representing the millennial Sabbath reign of Christ and the saints.  This is certainly not a new revelation; watch my latest video "Will Jesus Christ Return in AD 2028?" for evidence of how long mankind has known this prophetic truth about the Creation story.

But what is new is this … in the details of EACH of the 7 Creation Day’s events God declared of “things that were not yet done”—involving His major plans!—to occur during THAT particular millennial day.  NOW THIS IS STUNNINGLY MARVELOUS!  So as you look at the chart, notice on Creation Day 1 how God foretold of mankind’s spiritual fall in the Garden of Eden (when good & evil ‘light & dark’ first became known ‘or divided’ in their hearts) by dividing light & dark.  Then notice on Creation Day 4 how God’s creation of the moon & sun foretold of the comings of John the Baptist & Jesus, which meant the Messiah would live and die on Earth between years 3,000 - 4,000.  And he did, dying, resurrecting, and ascending during year 4,000!

Now WHY God chose Earth’s 4,000 year for the Messiah to die is beyond me, but I want you to notice some interesting observations about it … that left only 2 Days (or 2,000 years) before Christ's Second Coming & Sabbath reign.  In other words, mankind was foreordained by God to live on Earth for only 2,000 years (in this age of sin) with the Messiah’s spiritual life-giving work on the cross complete.  And do you know what two days God made spiritual life in the Creation story?  That’s right, just days 5 & 6!  The fish & birds (who have spirit) were created on Day 5 and man & animals (who have spirit) on Day 6.  Pretty cool, huh? This left the other 2,000 years sandwiched between Days 1 & 4.  And do you know what God did with those 2 millennial days?  Oh, no big deal, He just neatly declared from those ancient times of "things that are not yet done" by prophesying the two biggest events in mankind’s history, the Messiah’s First & Second Comings, INCLUDING THE TIMING OF EACH!!!  The Great Flood & Noah’s 600 year story was a picture of Christ’s rapturous and destructive Second Coming to occur during Earth’s 6,000 year, and Moses & the Israelite’s 400 year story was a picture of Christ’s First Coming and sin-delivering death during Earth’s 4,000 year.  And to think, God even prophesied of these prophecies in the Creation story’s 2nd & 3rd Day's verbiage!  Let’s just say it together ... WOW.

Happy Sabbath,


Approximately 893 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Influencing Multitudes of People"

From time to time, I am emailed by people who are curious about me and this ministry (and how far it’s reaching) because they want to better understand the fulfillment of the prophet’s words over my life when I was a twelve year old boy. For those of you who don’t know the story (written about in the book's introduction) our family visited a church one Sunday evening in 1983 because dad had seen an advertisement in the paper for a ‘prophet’ who was to speak there for one night, and he became curious over what a 'prophet' today was all about.  Long story short, at the end of his sermon the prophet walked halfway back the center aisle, pointed at me, and said, “Stand up, son! Do you know God gave you your name? For it is Gabriel! And God’s given you the creativity of 4 men. You will be like John the Baptist in the last days preparing the people to meet the Lord, for God is going to place you in a position one day to be able to influence multitudes of people.”  It is the fulfillment of this last sentence that people are now curious about, and so I’ve decided to use this week’s blog to update everyone on this ministry.

My whole life I always thought those words ‘God’s going to ... PLACE YOU IN A POSITION ONE DAY ...’ were a little strange.  I used to wonder why the prophet didn’t just come out and say I'm going to be a traveling evangelist, or a pastor in a church, or a missionary, or something recognizable.  Why the mysterious words?  Well, now it all makes perfect sense!  Because the ‘position’ God was going to place me in was to be on a GLOBAL technology the prophet had no way to accurately describe back in 1983: It would come into being many years later as we know the INTERNET today, a staple of society linking the whole world through social media.  Oh, and it’s here!  And so am I, right on cue, heralding God’s ‘last days’ message in the form of a book, a website, and videos for the whole world to freely read, hear, see, learn, and implement!

YouTube (who made video sharing vogue on the internet) was created in 2005, which was the year God arrested me out of my backslidden lifestyle by miraculously making a shadowed image of my deceased father’s profile appear on my refrigerator door on his birthday.  I still didn’t have a clue what was going on at that time!  But I can see it all clearly looking back now, how God was setting everything up.  As He worked in my life, having me repent of much willful sin, He was simultaneously bringing into existence the technology that would be my (His) platform.  And when the time was right in December 2007, God unloaded a revelation on me about His Word (Bible) that was/is absolutely FLABBERGASTING!  In all my church years I NEVER heard ANYTHING like what He told me about the Bible, its stories, and His meaning behind it all!  And then like a ship pilot (with me in the back) God began turning the wheel of my surrendered life this way and that, continually leading and directing me in creating the message in a form available to the world.

It’s been a miraculous and amazing journey for sure, with a book written & published in 2008/2009 and a website & videos made in 2010/2011.  I uploaded my first YouTube video “The Prisoner” and made the complete book free to read on the website “” one year ago yesterday, July 21, 2010.  In that time, God and I have created 17 videos that have been viewed over 73,000 times, the free book link has been clicked over 50,000 times, and the bar graph image above (reading chronologically from right to left) pictures the website’s monthly activity since going online January 2010. (The purple bar on the far left is this month’s activity July 2011, and with over a week left in it will easily top all previous month's activity.)  And friends, without a doubt, this is just the beginning of God’s fulfillment of the prophet’s words, “You will be like John the Baptist in the last days, preparing the people to meet the Lord, for God is going to place you in a position one day to be able to influence multitudes of people.”

With all my love,


p.s. I've said this before, but let me say it again after a blog like this seemingly all about me ... it’s NOT about me, folks!  It’s about YOU receiving and believing God’s message He's delivering through me!  THAT'S why God has done these miraculous things in my life and wants you to know about them; it's so YOU will desire to hear His message.  The angel Gabriel was God’s message bearer in the Bible, and that’s why God named me Gabriel, because He knew one day I would be asked to deliver a message to you.  I know you’re busy with life, but don’t be so busy that you can’t take a little time to hear a message from the very Being who gave you life.  Trust me ... IT'S IMPORTANT!

Approximately 894 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Will You Give to God?

On Tuesday of this past week I received a wonderful 10 page testimony from a man who lives in Texas.  As I was reading about the amazing things God has done in his life, one incident he tersely mentioned jumped out at me.  It read: “He (God) spoke to me to stop watching “R” rated movies and stop listening to Rock and Roll.  My wife and I threw ‘in the trash’ all our Rock CD’s and R rated movies.  Our life continually got better from that point on.  God blessed us in everything we did.”  There is a powerful message behind those 4 little sentences—namely, obedience to God (which is always a pride-sacrifice of one’s own selfish desires) LEADS to blessings from God.

As I read his words, my mind shifted to a scene in my own life.  I was dancing before the Lord in my living room, spinning, arms raised, eyes closed, having a good-ole time worshipping the Lord to a Toby Mac song called “Made to Love”.  As it reached the bridge section, Toby was singing (repeating 3 times), “Anything, I would give up for you. Everything, I’d give it all away!  Oh, yeah!”  And I was singing along to those words with ALL my heart, when suddenly I heard God’s serious voice speak to me in my spirit, “Alright son, get rid of ALL your country & rock CD’s, for you don’t need them anymore.”  Woah, talk about stopping a man dead in his dancing tracks!  I stood there in shock for a long moment (was He going to say something else? … just silence) so I sat down gingerly on the couch to consider His words.

For over a decade country music had been my life.  I even moved to Nashville to be a country music star in December 1996.  And I had amassed over 150 CD’s of my favorite albums throughout the years.  Now just get rid of them?  Really?  But then I thought about how lately when I played a secular CD in my truck I could feel its lyrics grieving my spirit.  As I was thinking things over, I could sense God’s presence intently watching me.  I knew it was decision time!  What was I going to do?  Would I obey Him and put truth to the lyrics I was just singing, or would I disobey Him (holding on to my idol) and make my singing nothing but meaningless lip-service?  Was our relationship going to grow or was it about to hit a wall?  I made my choice … a lifetime of CD’s would go!  And they did.  And my relationship with our Heavenly Father blossomed to a new level of intimacy.

I'm reminded of Christ's words: "Whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:33).  Wow!  There were 4 more sentences concluding this brief portion of the man’s testimony I was reading this week, and they sum up this blog’s message better then I can: “Have you ever had a desire of the Heart.  If you have, don’t be afraid to lay it down for Christ if called to do so.  He likes us to step out in faith and give to Him the things that we hold closer than Him in our hearts.  The gain is much greater than the loss.”  Amen.

In Christ’s love,


Approximately 895 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!