Friday, August 5, 2011

How The Book Became Free to Read Online

I was caught completely off guard! During Passover (Easter) week 2010, God controlled the circumstances of my life to impress on me to quit my job (the same job!) for a second time.  The first time had been in February 2008 when He asked me to quit my job to write down the message He had revealed to me December 8, 2007.  I obeyed and nine months later I was financially broke, but a 400 page book manuscript had been roughly drafted.  Then, amazingly, in October 2008 my old job hired me back!  So as I worked to save money, I would also work tired in the evenings and weekends continually editing the manuscript.  Finally, by October 2009 the book was written, and after a long 4 month publication process and $12,500 paid (money saved up from working the last year and a half!) 4,500 books were sitting in my garage January 2010.

Then God prompted, “Gabriel, the book (message) needs a home on the web, and I need YOU to create it.”  But there was a problem … I knew NOTHING about websites!  So I quickly got to work online learning about them — domain names, hosting, html & css, etc — and in February 2010 I bought Adobe CS4 (with Dreamweaver) website creating software and two huge books (1600 pages combined) to learn html & css coding.  Overwhelmed, I said “Lord, you know it’s going to be awhile for me to make this website, for you know how tired I am in the evenings after working hard all day, and to read and learn all this complicated stuff and then create a website?”  So I settled myself in for the long haul.  But then like lightning …WHAM! … circumstances erupted in March 2010, and there was God saying, “Son, I need you to quit your job again to get these things done asap.”  I was stunned!  I never saw it coming!  So Wednesday March 31 2010 (Passover week) I was unemployed AGAIN.

Remarkably, after just three crammed months of learning, creating and writing, the UBP website and content (chapter summaries) was uploaded by July 2010.  I was so happy! Then God said, “Now it’s video creation time, son.”  Oh, my!  Another two books, more reading, more learning, more creating, more going financially broke, and I uploaded my first two YouTube music videos “The Prisoner” July 21 & “He’s Coming Back” July 22, 2010 (a little over a year ago today).  Now since the videos promoted the book website’s url at the end, within a few days I received my first email from a lady about the book.  After accusing me of greed, she meanly said, “How comes your entire book isn’t on your website to read for free … freely received, freely give!”

Wow, now I’m not going to lie, I was MAD!  I was HURT!  It felt like she punched me straight in the gut. Instantly, the last three years of my life flashed before me, everything I had went through and given up, the agonizing 40 day fast, a woman I could have married, a good paying job twice, going broke (even then!), the exhausting mental work of writing the book, the costly publishing process.  It took everything I had, my whole life, all my time, all my energy, all my strength, and all this ungrateful woman could basically cackle was, “Give me your book for free, for you haven’t done anything!”  Man, I walked out to my couch and curled up in the fetal position and just laid there.  I was steaming!  I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I had been through and how untrue this woman’s words were.  Then about fifteen minutes later, while still lying there, I unexpectedly heard God ask one simple question of me, “So what are you going to do about the book?”

OH MY, GOODNESS!  I knew INSTANTLY what He meant!  I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it ... HE WANTED the entire book posted online for the world to read for free!  Wow, I immediately picked my sorry sack of bones up off the couch, scolded myself harshly for my pathetic selfish (prideful) thoughts — as if I had done something ... please, Jesus gave up his whole life on Earth for his fellow man going through crucifixion on a cross for us! — and I got to work on figuring out how to post the complete PDF book file on the website.  A few hours later it was done.  Then I lay down in my bed and the amazing peace of God flooded my soul.  I could feel Him smiling down on me, as if saying, “That’s my boy!”  And now thousands of people have read the book online in the last year, and I couldn’t be happier that God’s message is reaching the world.

Praise His name forevermore,


Approximately 892 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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