Saturday, July 30, 2011

God's 7 Day (7,000 Year) Master Time Plan Chart

I met a dear brother from Lebanon about 9 months ago (who now lives in Canada) whose life has been greatly blessed by reading the book, and this past week he kindly blessed me back by creating a new sharper Photoshop version of my God’s 7 Day (7,000 Year) Master Time Plan chart which is posted at the bottom of the book website’s homepage.  So I’ve decided this week to make a few additional comments about the amazing information on this chart, as it is a stupefying revelation into how God declared His major plans for planet Earth (including the timing of things!) all from the Creation.  You might want to look at the chart as I make these comments, so the link to it is HERE.

For those of you who haven’t read the book yet, God said in His Word “I DECLARED the END from the BEGINNING, and from ancient times THINGS THAT ARE NOT YET DONE” (Isaiah 46:10).  Now since there is only one beginning which was the Creation, it stems to reason somehow somewhere God’s “declaration of the end” is in it.  And it is!  For God chose to use 7 days in the Creation event (as opposed to some other number) to foretell of a 7,000 solar year plan for Earth (each Creation Day representing a 1,000 year period) with the 7th Day representing the millennial Sabbath reign of Christ and the saints.  This is certainly not a new revelation; watch my latest video "Will Jesus Christ Return in AD 2028?" for evidence of how long mankind has known this prophetic truth about the Creation story.

But what is new is this … in the details of EACH of the 7 Creation Day’s events God declared of “things that were not yet done”—involving His major plans!—to occur during THAT particular millennial day.  NOW THIS IS STUNNINGLY MARVELOUS!  So as you look at the chart, notice on Creation Day 1 how God foretold of mankind’s spiritual fall in the Garden of Eden (when good & evil ‘light & dark’ first became known ‘or divided’ in their hearts) by dividing light & dark.  Then notice on Creation Day 4 how God’s creation of the moon & sun foretold of the comings of John the Baptist & Jesus, which meant the Messiah would live and die on Earth between years 3,000 - 4,000.  And he did, dying, resurrecting, and ascending during year 4,000!

Now WHY God chose Earth’s 4,000 year for the Messiah to die is beyond me, but I want you to notice some interesting observations about it … that left only 2 Days (or 2,000 years) before Christ's Second Coming & Sabbath reign.  In other words, mankind was foreordained by God to live on Earth for only 2,000 years (in this age of sin) with the Messiah’s spiritual life-giving work on the cross complete.  And do you know what two days God made spiritual life in the Creation story?  That’s right, just days 5 & 6!  The fish & birds (who have spirit) were created on Day 5 and man & animals (who have spirit) on Day 6.  Pretty cool, huh? This left the other 2,000 years sandwiched between Days 1 & 4.  And do you know what God did with those 2 millennial days?  Oh, no big deal, He just neatly declared from those ancient times of "things that are not yet done" by prophesying the two biggest events in mankind’s history, the Messiah’s First & Second Comings, INCLUDING THE TIMING OF EACH!!!  The Great Flood & Noah’s 600 year story was a picture of Christ’s rapturous and destructive Second Coming to occur during Earth’s 6,000 year, and Moses & the Israelite’s 400 year story was a picture of Christ’s First Coming and sin-delivering death during Earth’s 4,000 year.  And to think, God even prophesied of these prophecies in the Creation story’s 2nd & 3rd Day's verbiage!  Let’s just say it together ... WOW.

Happy Sabbath,


Approximately 893 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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