Saturday, May 3, 2014

Isaac Newton: The End Will Come in Year 2060

Sir Isaac Newton was born December 25, 1642.  He is regarded as one of the greatest scientific minds to have ever lived.  He wrote “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” in 1687, which formulated the natural laws of motion and gravity.  He built the first reflecting telescope.  He developed a theory on color.  He formulated a law of cooling. He studied the speed of sound.  And as a mathematician, he pioneered calculus, power series, binomial theorem to non-integer exponents, and roots of functions.  To put it plainly, Sir Isaac Newton was a mathematical GENIUS!!!

But did you know Newton was also passionately interested in the Creator God?  Newton believed the mathematical simplicity (maybe to him! … lol) of science’s ability to explain the physical universe proved the existence of a Creator God.  And Newton believed that Creator God was the God of the Bible.  This led to Newton wanting to “figure out” God’s Word and when the “end” would come.

So Newton studied the numbers.  He plotted them.  He graphed them.  He brooded over them.  He thought, and he thought, and he thought!  And you know what?  He never was able to understand them!  Why?  Because to understand the numbers in God’s Word, one FIRST has to understand what the stories in God’s Word are about!  And it just wasn’t time for that! So the best Newton could do in his own genius human intellect is predict the world would “end” around the year 2060.

But that’s all changed now!  For exactly 328 years after Newton’s birth, on December 25, 1970, another human being was born.  His name was Gabriel Ansley Erb.  And it was NOW TIME for the numbers in God’s Word to be known.  So in the year 2008, God revealed the secret meaning behind His Bible stories (and the numbers in them) to His servant Gabriel. And now the REAL TIME of the “end” is being broadcast to the world … 2028 END!!!  Have you taken the time to study and understand what Gabriel has written?  Like none other, now’s the time!!!

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