Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Wonderful Sabbath Truth

I must confess I wrote last week's post mainly to set you up for the awesome truth I now wish to reveal to you; thus, I desired for you to possess ironclad proof one of Jesus’ miracles, as recorded in the Bible, had meaning (or a message) behind it.  Logical deduction should then tell you the "feeding of the 5,000" could not have been the only miracle Jesus performed with an intent to also teach people something.

In the Gospels, you will encounter a running theme of Jesus healing people on the Sabbath day.  You’d almost think he desired to make people whole on that day more than any other.  Well, if you’ve read my book, it probably just hit you … HE DID! Because EVERY ONE of those miracles was heralding the exciting prophetic message that it would be at the start of mankind’s 7th millennial day on Earth (year 6,000) when God would “make whole” ALL the raptured righteous as they received their new glorified bodies!!!

Yes, on THAT day (known as the Lord’s Day, or the Sabbath Day) the lame will leap, the dumb will speak, the blind will see, and the deaf will hear!  Hallelujah!!!  It is what ALL of planet Earth has been waiting for ever since the fall of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, the regeneration of planet Earth back into its rightful glorious paradise and the final redemption of mankind’s souls back into their painless, tearless, and labor-less bodies!  Oh, the INCREDIBLE and AWESOME meaning behind Christ’s Sabbath day miracles is breathtaking to perceive.

And yet, here’s the shocking and sad irony behind it all; it was largely because of Jesus’ Sabbath day miracles that the established church leaders of his day utterly DESPISED him and sought to kill him!  Isn’t it startling, the blindness 'church' leaders can be in?

Happy Sabbath,


Approximately 909 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. Happy Sabbath Gabriel. How are you doing my friend?

  2. Thanks for the Sabbath day wishes, my friends. Right back at ya. : ) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm doing well Evie, how are you?

  3. This is great. Thanks Bro.Gabriel enjoy the sabbath too!!!!!!!!!

  4. Please i have some question to ask you

    1. Many Pastors said that Jesus is God

    2. Sunday service which Africans used to worship is it good? then saturday for business day

    3. Will Elijah come back to live before the coming of christ?

    4. The two witnessess mentioned in the Rev 11:3 i will like to understand the meaning

    5. What is the gentiles mission on this last days

    6. The woman that will give birth to a child in Rev chapter 12. I will like to understand the meaning

    Thanks and God Bless uuuuuuuuuu