Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Woman Caught in Adultery

The story in the Bible of ‘the woman caught in adultery’ is one with a message that often gets incorrectly discerned. The error is flaunted with words in the following train of thought, “See how forgiving Jesus was to the adulteress?...he’ll be that forgiving to people on Judgment Day, too! God is a God of love; He won’t condemn willful sinners…look, he didn’t condemn her!”

The deception found in these statements lies in a ‘timing’ issue; folks are attempting to forward Jesus’ non-condemning words to the woman all the way to the Day of Judgment and apply them there! This is a subtle trick by satan, but it is gross falseness! (By the way, do not fail to notice satan’s lie here is to get people to NOT be concerned with the seriousness of sin in their life. Do you see it? Please realize this is ALWAYS satan’s motive when twisting God’s Holy Word. Satan knows full well willful sinners, including the sexually immoral, will perish in hellfire; he just doesn’t want YOU to believe that!)

So here now is the critical point to grasp in understanding the story; the woman was still living her life on planet Earth!!! In other words, she was still making her spiritual wilderness journey, and therefore she still had a chance to turn from her sins (repent) in order to obtain eternal life. In that regard, Jesus’ message to her was; “Neither do I condemn thee: GO, AND SIN NO MORE” (John 8:11). Ah, do you see it? “Go, and sin no more” means “repent (stop committing adultery)”.

Thus, God's correctly discerned message, spoken through Jesus, in the story of 'the woman caught in adultery' (with me paraphrasing) is this; “Woman, you are living and breathing on planet Earth right now, so I would never condemn you at this time for your sins, for you still have an opportunity to turn from them to obtain eternal life. So DO THAT (Go, and sin no more) and you will live! But if you will not repent, then I WILL condemn you on Judgment Day for your willful wicked sins!” And this is precisely Jesus’ message to you too today, my friend.

In Christ's love,