Saturday, July 19, 2014

He's Gonna Make A Comeback !!!

There's a handful of christian contemporary songs as a child that I REALLY liked.  One of those was a song by the Dixie Melody Boys that just popped back into my mind this morning. I don't believe I've heard (or even thought about) this song in over 25 years!  What a blessing to remember it this Sabbath morning, and how much I loved it as a child, and to be able to find it on YouTube and listen to it again.  It's called "He's Gonna Make A Comeback".  And now, here I am, in the middle age of my life heralding a message to the people of the world for the Great Creator God ... WHEN Jesus is gonna make a comeback!

Enjoy ...

He's Going To Make A Comeback

Verse I
You say that Jesus is gone, and he'll never return
You say he's just an old song, but you're gonna learn
Cause soon the spotlight will be on him, as the stage of life unfolds
And everyone will look upon him, the rich, the poor, the young, the old

He's gonna make a comeback, I know he's gonna comeback
And every eye shall see him on that day
He's gonna make a comeback, I know he's gonna comeback
And when he comes back, he's gonna take me away ... take me away

Verse II
You might be a beggar on the street, a king on his throne
It doesn't matter what role you play, you better heed the song
If today he should make an appearance, I wonder just what he would find
The signs say coming soon, the stage is set, it's just about time

Chorus (2x)

Blessed and Happy Sabbath to all,


Approximately 739 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Prophecies: Massive Tsunami to Hit America / America Split in Two

I’m not sure what to make of these prophecies, but I’ve been hearing about them for several years now, so I just wanted everyone following “2028 END” to be aware of them.  The prophecies are that 1. A massive meteorite will hit in the Caribbean area, causing a huge tsunami some 200 feet or higher, which will devastate the Gulf States and eastern coastline of America, and 2. If America helps negotiate a deal for a new Palestinian State, dividing up Jerusalem, the land of America will be split in two from the Great lakes to the Gulf with a huge new sea!

Again, I don’t know if these prophecies are REALLY from the Lord or not, but I just wanted everyone to be aware of them as we watch these final 14 years play out till the Lord's return. Consequently, I embedded the following video below from “The Prophecy Club” which explains the prophecies in detail.  Keep these things tucked away in the back of your mind as you follow the daily news in the coming years!

God have mercy,


Approximately 740 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day & the "2028 END" Movie

The year was AD 1776, and the young Americans wanted freedom.  They felt Britain had continually oppressed them, exacting harsh taxes, etc. on them.  So they started a revolution, and on July 4, 1776 congress approved the final wording of the American Declaration of Independence.  The rest (as they say) is history!  The United States of America is now a free country, and every Fourth of July we celebrate our independence in town after town all across this country with beautiful fireworks displays.  Today is that day, this year, here in America.

But there’s another Independence Day coming!  And even greater one!  And this one has been coming for a much, much longer time!  Back in the Garden of Eden, during Earth’s first year of existence, Satan enticed mankind into sinning against God; and mankind has been suffering spiritually ever since with pain, fear, sorrow, and work.  Oh, but liberation day is coming!!!  For when planet Earth completes its 6,000 orbit around the sun (counted from Creation) Jesus Christ is going to destroy the ENTIRE SURFACE of Earth with fire, lock Satan up, and then regenerate this planet back into a glorious paradise.  Hallelujah!  In referring to this day, Jesus admonished us: “Then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption (freedom) draweth nigh!” (Luke 21:28).

This past winter I produced a prophetic movie entitled “2028 END” which proclaims the amazing “timing” truths of God’s Word concerning this event.  In a nutshell, Jesus Christ DIED on the cross during the year of Earth’s 4,000 trip around the sun, and he will return (without a doubt!) during the year of its 6,000 trip around the sun. The movie foretells this year will be AD 2028!

So today, on this Redemption Day here in America, July 4, I looked at the “2028 END” movie’s view count, and what number do you think it reached today?  600,000!!!  Do you think this is just a coincidence?  Or is God, ONCE AGAIN, manipulating the numbers (as He so many times did in His Word) to confirm the movie’s prophetic truth … Earth’s 6,000 year will be Independence Day for the saints!

Click Blog Image Above to Enlarge Screenshot (see proof of 600,000)

Happy Independence Day,


Approximately 741 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!