Friday, April 25, 2014

No One Knows the Day or the Hour?

I don’t think a day passes where I don’t hear the words no one knows the day or hour from someone trying to inform me of something I guess they think I don’t know.  I mean seriously, it’s like a worn-out record droning on and on.  But the sad irony is THEY are the ones who don’t know what those words mean! They think they mean … no one can have any clue when Jesus is returning, when in fact, they mean just the exact opposite … they are literally telling us WHEN Jesus is returning!!!

People who think God doesn’t want us to know WHEN things are going to happen are just severely unknowledgeable of the Bible.  For over and over and over again in His Word in story after story after story God prophesied (told) WHEN Jesus would do certain things.  He told the YEAR and DAY when he would die, when he would be buried, when he would resurrect, and when he would send the Holy Spirit!

So, knowing all of that, what makes you think God did not tell the YEAR and DAY when Jesus would return?  Well, HE DID!!!  And for that information, I’m going to provide you with a link below to read.  If you want to be enlightened about the phrase no one knows the day or hour” and no longer be an uninformed parrot, please click the link below and spend some valuable time reading the short article:

"No One Knows the Day or the Hour?"

Jesus bless your understanding,


Approximately 751 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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