Friday, July 22, 2011

"Influencing Multitudes of People"

From time to time, I am emailed by people who are curious about me and this ministry (and how far it’s reaching) because they want to better understand the fulfillment of the prophet’s words over my life when I was a twelve year old boy. For those of you who don’t know the story (written about in the book's introduction) our family visited a church one Sunday evening in 1983 because dad had seen an advertisement in the paper for a ‘prophet’ who was to speak there for one night, and he became curious over what a 'prophet' today was all about.  Long story short, at the end of his sermon the prophet walked halfway back the center aisle, pointed at me, and said, “Stand up, son! Do you know God gave you your name? For it is Gabriel! And God’s given you the creativity of 4 men. You will be like John the Baptist in the last days preparing the people to meet the Lord, for God is going to place you in a position one day to be able to influence multitudes of people.”  It is the fulfillment of this last sentence that people are now curious about, and so I’ve decided to use this week’s blog to update everyone on this ministry.

My whole life I always thought those words ‘God’s going to ... PLACE YOU IN A POSITION ONE DAY ...’ were a little strange.  I used to wonder why the prophet didn’t just come out and say I'm going to be a traveling evangelist, or a pastor in a church, or a missionary, or something recognizable.  Why the mysterious words?  Well, now it all makes perfect sense!  Because the ‘position’ God was going to place me in was to be on a GLOBAL technology the prophet had no way to accurately describe back in 1983: It would come into being many years later as we know the INTERNET today, a staple of society linking the whole world through social media.  Oh, and it’s here!  And so am I, right on cue, heralding God’s ‘last days’ message in the form of a book, a website, and videos for the whole world to freely read, hear, see, learn, and implement!

YouTube (who made video sharing vogue on the internet) was created in 2005, which was the year God arrested me out of my backslidden lifestyle by miraculously making a shadowed image of my deceased father’s profile appear on my refrigerator door on his birthday.  I still didn’t have a clue what was going on at that time!  But I can see it all clearly looking back now, how God was setting everything up.  As He worked in my life, having me repent of much willful sin, He was simultaneously bringing into existence the technology that would be my (His) platform.  And when the time was right in December 2007, God unloaded a revelation on me about His Word (Bible) that was/is absolutely FLABBERGASTING!  In all my church years I NEVER heard ANYTHING like what He told me about the Bible, its stories, and His meaning behind it all!  And then like a ship pilot (with me in the back) God began turning the wheel of my surrendered life this way and that, continually leading and directing me in creating the message in a form available to the world.

It’s been a miraculous and amazing journey for sure, with a book written & published in 2008/2009 and a website & videos made in 2010/2011.  I uploaded my first YouTube video “The Prisoner” and made the complete book free to read on the website “” one year ago yesterday, July 21, 2010.  In that time, God and I have created 17 videos that have been viewed over 73,000 times, the free book link has been clicked over 50,000 times, and the bar graph image above (reading chronologically from right to left) pictures the website’s monthly activity since going online January 2010. (The purple bar on the far left is this month’s activity July 2011, and with over a week left in it will easily top all previous month's activity.)  And friends, without a doubt, this is just the beginning of God’s fulfillment of the prophet’s words, “You will be like John the Baptist in the last days, preparing the people to meet the Lord, for God is going to place you in a position one day to be able to influence multitudes of people.”

With all my love,


p.s. I've said this before, but let me say it again after a blog like this seemingly all about me ... it’s NOT about me, folks!  It’s about YOU receiving and believing God’s message He's delivering through me!  THAT'S why God has done these miraculous things in my life and wants you to know about them; it's so YOU will desire to hear His message.  The angel Gabriel was God’s message bearer in the Bible, and that’s why God named me Gabriel, because He knew one day I would be asked to deliver a message to you.  I know you’re busy with life, but don’t be so busy that you can’t take a little time to hear a message from the very Being who gave you life.  Trust me ... IT'S IMPORTANT!

Approximately 894 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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