Friday, August 12, 2011

The Miracle behind the 'God's Master Time Plan' Video

In July 2010 God informed me He wanted me to make YouTube videos to help explain (in visual format) the information in the book.  Specifically, He wanted me to create a video for each of the 20 chapters in the book and then embed that video at the top of its respective ‘chapter summary’ page on the book’s website.  I definitely knew my work was cut out for me, but I also knew God would be right there with me during the whole process. Shockingly, what I had NO CLUE about was that He was going to confirm that fact to me through timely miracles!  Consequently, as the one year anniversary of the videos I made come up, I’m going to be sharing some of the miracles behind them in these blogs.  God has asked me to do this for Him (for a written record) to further enhance YOUR belief in the amazing message He has given me to proclaim to the world.

After uploading my first two YouTube videos on July 21 & July 22, 2010 (of two songs I had written and sung) God immediately laid on my heart the first teaching video He wanted me to make … it would be for chapter 1 entitled “God’s Master Time Plan”.  So I was off and running on July 23, 2010 creating the video.  Thankfully, I had read so much about Windows MovieMaker software that I was fairly sufficient in the program and was thus having a lot of fun making the video.  But when I finally finished it almost three weeks later on August 10, 2010 (two days ago a year back) I noticed there was a small problem; the video had wound up being 11 minutes and 16 seconds long (with no way to shorten it) and YouTube’s video upload limit length was 10 minutes!  “Bummer,” I thought, “now I’m going to have to split this video and upload it as two separate videos (part 1 & part 2) which will make it tougher for people to access the information and ruin the neat look I had envisioned of a single video headlining each chapter summary page on the book’s website.”  Ugghh!

But right then I logged into my YouTube account and noticed a new message at the top that shocked me: “YouTube has increased its upload limit length to 15 minutes!”  Are you kidding me?  Is this real?  I couldn’t believe it!!!  Then I felt God looking down on me, giving a wink of the eye and nod of the head.  Wow, I had to investigate this!  I had to know WHEN YouTube changed its FOUR YEAR OLD policy of 10 minute video upload limit lengths; and there it was … July 29, 2010 (right in the middle of my creating the God’s Master Time Plan video)!!!  Amazing!  Did the Creator of the universe move the minds of the ‘powers to be’ at YouTube to make the decision to increase their video upload limit length from 10 to 15 minutes right now (exactly when I needed it to upload my 11:16 video!) just for my (His really) benefit?  Was He THAT passionate about every little detail of this message being just right for the world to easily hear, learn and know?  Well, you just keep those questions (and this first little miraculous happenstance) tucked away in the back of your mind and wait until I tell you what else happened as He led me to make more videos!  After hearing it all, I promise you will then have sufficient evidence to ponder in forming an opinion as to whether or not you believe this work (message) is from God.

Listen folks, I know this message concerning Christ's return around AD 2028 is not popular with the world.  I understand those of you who are consumed by an idolatrous pursuit of the materialistic world do not want to hear these things.  You desire to get married.  You want to buy a house.  You envision your kids getting married and having grandchildren.  You think about your retirement.  And on and on.  But I am telling you the truth no matter how unpleasant it sounds to your ears … there are only about 10 years left until the final 7 years begin (around AD 2021) with the Antichrist and his horrible 666 mark coming onto the world scene.  Then three and one half years later (around AD 2025) He will reveal his true EVIL self and the worst time of death the world has EVER known will commence on this planet in what is known Biblically as the Great Tribulation.  But three and one half years later (around AD 2028) he and a world of ungodly beast-marked people will be destroyed off the face of Earth by the fiery and rapturous return of Jesus Christ.  So I humbly urge you to start weaning your desires off of this old sinful world that is perishing, start drawing ever closer to your heavenly Father, and begin setting your affections on things above.

Proof 1: Here’s the link to Wikipedia’s YouTube entry. (In the contents section near the top click on "Section 2.1.2 Uploading" to learn when YouTube increased its upload limit length from 10 to 15 minutes. There's a small #44 superscript link that leads to the exact date.)

Proof 2: Here’s the link to the God’s Master Time Plan video. (The upload date is located under the video.)

Proof 3: Here’s the page link to Chapter Summary 1 on the book’s website. (Notice the God’s Master Time Plan video is neatly perched at the top as one complete video.)

Happy Sabbath everyone,


p.s. I’ll continue this topic in two weeks when I tell you the STUNNING miracle behind the second teaching video God impressed on me to make “Noah’s Ark & the Flood” which I uploaded August 23, 2010.

Approximately 891 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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