Friday, September 16, 2011

The Miracle behind 'Gabriel Ansley's Miraculous Testimony' Video

After experiencing the amazing thunderous rainstorm and rainbow miracle (mirroring the Flood story of Noah!) on the Saturday Sabbath of August 21, 2010, contemporaneous with my creation of the “Noah’s Ark & the Flood” video, I uploaded the video on Monday August 23, 2010.  The next day I woke up, turned on my computer, and tried to connect to the internet … and nothing.  “Hmmm, what’s up?” I wondered.  Then I noticed my external modem was not showing any blinking green lights (not a good sign).  So after several calls (back and forth) to AT&T during the day and some waiting, long story short, I got the news that night from AT&T that my modem was fried and that it would be 3 days or so until they would have a new one at my door.

Confused, I woke up the next day, walked out to my couch in the living room, and sat down to talk to God.  “Lord,” I said, “What’s up?  You asked me to quit my job back in March of this year (during Passover week) to work for you, and you know I’ve been diligently working everyday.  I learned website HTML & CSS coding, I designed a website, I wrote all the chapter summary material for the website, I learned Windows MovieMaker software to make videos, and here I am now without anyway to work for the next 3 days because I can’t get online to search for images to make a video.  Lord, I know you're with me, for you've been doing timely miracles for me along the way, so are you just giving me a break?  You know me Lord, I love to work ... I don’t need a break!

Then, in an instant, the Lord replied, “Son, I’ve laid it on your heart several times in the past month that I want you to make a testimony video of the miraculous things I’ve done in your life.  Well, NOW is that time!!!”  Oh my, instantly I remembered these thoughts had crossed my mind several times in the past month, and I also remembered my thinking each time they had, “I’ll wait until the very end of all my video creating until I make a testimony video, for people will just think I’m being prideful and wanting to gloat about the things God has done for me.”  Wow, so you can imagine my surprise getting this command from the Lord!

Then, as I still sat on the couch, He began to show me how this video didn’t need online images ... it needed me to spend a day combing through my old baby box and finding newspaper clippings and pictures of my life to scan into the computer, it needed me to rearrange my apartment back to the way it looked on the night of May 6, 2005 when my deceased father’s shadowed profile appeared on my refrigerator door, it needed me to then take pictures of the scene with my camera and upload them, it needed me to drive to the Phonoluxe Records store and get the old “Final Cut” movie and “In Another World” Joe Diffie CD for their images and music.  (He told me the store to go to and amazingly they were both there!)  Yes, without a doubt, there was MUCH work to be done for the next video He wanted me to make — He wasn't giving me a break!  LOL — and I didn’t need online for ANY of it! How awesome is God?  He shut my internet connection down to compel me to make a testimony video when He wanted it made!  And a little over 3 weeks later it was done, for I uploaded the video “Gabriel Ansley’s Miraculous Testimony” on Wednesday September 15, 2011 (yesterday, a year ago).

Watch Gabriel’s testimony video: “Gabriel Ansley’s Miraculous Testimony”

Shabbat Shalom,


Approximately 886 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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