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America’s Future (Part 2 of 4): Ned Dougherty’s NDE

Having been led of the Spirit to come across William Branham’s shocking AD 1933 prophecy about America’s future (which ended with a woman coming into power and then America burning!) early in the morning hours of September 23, 2007, it continued to weigh heavily on my mind throughout October and on into November of that year. This was a time right before the presidential primary season and election year of AD 2008 was about to heat up in America; and Hillary Clinton (a woman!) had already announced her candidacy for president … so you can imagine my curiosity and concern! This was also the time right before the Sabbath morning of December 8, 2007 would occur, when God would reveal to me the AMAZING meaning (message) behind His creation of an Israelite bondage-to-Promise-Land story, and consequently the true meaning of His Word (Bible).  Without a doubt, God’s Spirit was heavy in my apartment in the fall months of AD 2007, and I had NO CLUE (as always!) of all He was about to speak to me! I’ll be sharing some of these things with you in this blog series entitled: America’s Future.

On the Sabbath afternoon of Saturday November 10, 2007, I came across the near-death experience (NDE) story of a man named Ned Dougherty while surfing online. Ned was a worldly New York nightclub owner who cared nothing about God. But in AD 1984, after an intense fight with a business partner, he suffered a heart attack that led to an incredible NDE that forever changed his life. But what stunned me most about his story was the sobering words he heard from the Archangel Michael ABOUT AMERICA in another out-of-body experience he had several months later, after his NDE, while standing beside the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.

"Your forefathers created one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. These were men of high ideals, spiritually guided and inspired to create a nation and a civilization to be admired and respected, to set an example for the rest of the world. In exercising their free will under God's guidance and direction, they created a Constitution and a Bill of Rights for every man, woman, and child to live in freedom in the pursuit of happiness. Yet these high-minded and spiritual men were soon replaced by others who, in the exercise of their free will, chose to put their egos before God and to joust with God's plan.
"You became a nation of spoilers, man against man, brother against brother, government against citizens, and the chosen nation became a warrior with and against other nations. You have become a nation of criminals and murderers. You murder in wars. You murder the innocent. You murder your children. Your leaders create laws to justify the murders, to attempt to make wrongs right, to rewrite morals and ethics to support your own earthbound greed and desires.
"You have become a nation further and further from the Spirit and the influence of God. You have created sciences and philosophies to support activities that only recognize earthbound realities that not only refuse to recognize the spiritual nature of man himself, but refuse to recognize even the existence of God.
"You have taken God and His works of prayer and meditation out of your government, out of your institutions, and out of your schools. You have done everything you can to deny His existence, and you find yourselves in a world filled with wars, hatred, starvation, and death, and you do not understand why the rest of the world does not follow your shining example.
"You are a nation at war with itself, filled with hatred, prejudice, crime, drugs, and murder. Yet when the few of you who do look to God ask Him why all these things are allowed to happen, you do not hear His answer.
"You are members of the human race, universally created by God and given free will individually by divine right, and you would not wish to have it any other way. Yet every little act of free will that man has exercised from the beginning of time that was not in accordance with God's plan, multiplied in its impact and its negativity on the future of man. Every simple act of aggression multiplied into acts of world war. Every simple act of greed multiplied into worldwide human suffering and starvation. Every act of destruction of God's environment on Earth multiplied into destructive forces of nature - earthquakes, floods, pestilence, nuclear destruction and nuclear waste. Every act of violence escalated into acts of murder and the extermination of ethnic people for their appearance or beliefs.
"Yet, God created a nation of high ideals for you to survive other empires and civilizations that crumbled into oblivion, for their leaders placed themselves as men above God, and now those empires and civilizations are but piles of dust or buried under the waters. You sit on the edge of the new millennium, poised for the future of humankind, and you are headed, like all great civilizations of the past, to be reduced to piles of dust, to be covered over by the waters.
"Yet, God comes to you again, to appeal to you as a people, to appeal to you as a nation, to appeal to your leaders. His army of angels is visiting upon you with a life force of energy, a spiritual energy radiated by the Creator to all humankind. Many of you feel the vibrancy of His energy and His divine presence. He is communicating with you spiritually, telling you to raise yourselves to the level of spiritual transformation that is necessary for those of you who hear Him to spread His message and His energy, to recognize that He is coming.
"Guided by prayer and meditation, all men, women, and children may answer His call, but it must be soon. Time is running out! The angels are coming! Do you hear them? Are you listening?
"Are you listening? ..."

To be sure ... I NEVER saw that message ABOUT AMERICA coming while simply reading a NDE I happened across while online!  Oh, but God wasn't done speaking to me about America, yet!  For next week (Lord willing) I will tell you about what happened in America the very next day – Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2007.

Read excerpts from Ned Dougherty's NDE  HERE.
Purchase Ned Dougherty's book "Fast Land To Heaven HERE.

America’s Future (Part 3): Hillary Clinton

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  1. Hi Gabriel,
    Have you read Cynthia Judds' Open letter (she authored No Green Bananas) where she described a dream in which she stood near Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C? Here it is:

    1. I live in a country where divorce, abortion and gay marriage are not legal (and will probably not be legalized anytime soon). With no intention to brag about this country, which certainly has its own share of immoralities, I still am constantly shocked whenever I read a bio of contemporary American personalities who divorce and how they seem to literally play around marriage - marrying and remarrying at will, with women not bowing to their husbands (as the Bible taught) because of the liberties being allowed them by current laws. When a woman wants to divorce her husband, she'll almost certainly get it.

      The statue of Liberty, which according to Wikipedia represents the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas, seems to be asserting herself in these last days. I have nothing against women; my only point is that America has really come a long way without most of its citizens noticing it. Where I live you'll still see meekness among the population. The ordinary American has become too intelligent, too proud and too assertive.

      Yet it's the whole world, not only America, that needs help. Let us all pray more fervently and frequently now. In the name of Jesus, our Lord. There's power in His name and you can just feel it.

      Bless you, brother.

    2. Hi Chris,

      No, I never read Cynthia Judd's Open Letter. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I will check it out. And yes the pride, greed, covetousness, and sexual immorality of the general populace of America is staggering to behold in these last days. But you are right, it's EVERYWHERE to varying degrees across this globe. God help us all to change, learning and practicing His ways of love, before that last great and fateful day!