Friday, April 27, 2012

America’s Future (Part 4 of 4): The Mysterious Parking Lights

My head was spinning as I drove to work Tuesday morning November 13, 2007, for it had been a dizzying last 7 weeks.  It all began September 23, 2007 when I first heard about William Branham’s 1933 seven-part prophetic vision which ended with him seeing (#6) a woman coming to power in America, and (#7) America being reduced to nothing but a burning smoldering mass of craters and smoke; then November 10, 2007 I came across Ned Dougherty’s 1984 near-death experience (NDE) online, which ended surprisingly with him receiving a dire message from the Archangel Michael about America: “You are headed, like all great civilizations of the past, to be reduced to piles of dust, to be covered over by the waters”; and then November 12, 2007 (just the day before) I watched 4 American flags fall ominously behind Hillary Clinton (a woman who was running to be president!) at a press conference on Veterans Day November 11, 2007.  Now realize God's prophetic message about the “timing” of His son's return – namely, that Jesus Christ will return to Earth 2,000 years after the year of his death (around AD 2028) – had not been given to me yet, for that revelation would only begin December 8, 2007.  So yes, my head was reeling as I drove to work November 13, 2007!

My routine was the same every morning: I'd clock in, walk to the carpentry shop, and throw open the huge metal outside door to help bring fresh air into the room.  But this day was different for one reason … when I opened the door, there by the dumpster in the parking lot sat a pickup truck facing me with its parking lights on.  It wasn’t the bright headlights; it was just the dim parking lights.  All morning long as I worked in the shop I would look out periodically and sure enough, there it still sat with its parking lights on.  Finally, after eating my lunch around noon, I came back to the shop and noticed the vehicle was gone.  And then my day turned really odd!

As I drove home from work around 4pm and pulled in my driveway, I noticed my neighbor’s truck sitting there with its parking lights on.  “Isn’t that strange?” I mused, “He’s never mistakenly done that before.  Weird.”  Three hours later, after a nap, I was surprised to see they were still on, as I was leaving for the Laundromat.  Then, after starting the wash cycle on my clothes, I decided to drive to Subway to get something to eat.  As I pulled into Subway, I noticed there was only one car sitting in the parking lot – are you ready for this? – YES, with its parking lights on!!!  I was astounded!  And then in my astonishment I heard that familiar, seemingly out-of-nowhere, voice speak instantly in my spirit: “Gabriel, America’s light is almost out!  Her people were once a shining example of my ways of love, beaming out into the darkness like the bright lights of a car’s high beams.  But now her people are full of sin, and her light is like those dim fading parking lights!”

Wow!  What could I say?  What could I do?  I walked into the Subway and saw a man sitting there eating.  I said, “Sir, do you know your parking lights are on?”  He looked up, mouth full of food, and muttered, “Yeah.”  God help us.

With a heavy and sincere heart,


Approximately 854 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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