Saturday, May 5, 2012

God's Ways Are Beautiful

This past week I’ve been reflecting on the incredible symmetry and beauty in God’s Creation.  It’s in the animal kingdom.  It’s in the plant kingdom.  It’s in the tiny atom and the huge solar system.  It’s everywhere!  Everything God created is ordered, logical, and beautiful.

Look at your body in the mirror. If you draw an imaginary straight line down the center of your body, from the top of your head to the floor, notice how everything you have one of (nose, mouth, belly button, etc) is centered perfectly on that line and everything you have two of (ears, arms, toes, etc) is centered perfectly across that line.  You are beautiful!  Your physical body is a symmetric work of art!

How about a flower’s bloom?  Incredible!  It contains an amazing array of colors and shapes in beautiful circular symmetry.  Breathtaking pedals softly surround the centered stamen structures.  It’s remarkable to behold.

And then the thought hit me this past week ... how could this VERY SAME Creator God who wanted and desired to create everything physical with such beauty, symmetry, and order, have not ALSO created His Master Time Plan in the same fashion – i.e. with beauty, symmetry, and order?  Hallelujah, HE DID !!!  Yes, before God even began to create the universe He carefully thought through His plan … the Messiah, Christ Jesus, would come to Earth and DIE (on a cross) and ASCEND back into heaven during the beautiful, symmetric, whole numbered year of Earth’s 4,000 trip around the sun, and then RETURN to Earth as King of kings during the equally beautiful, symmetric, whole numbered year of Earth’s 6,000 trip around the sun.  Thus, God planned for Jesus Christ to destroy the power of the enemy, triumphing over death, when 66.6% (number of the Antichrist) of this 6,000 year age of sin was over!  Really, could it be more beautiful?

Click HERE for a glimpse at God's beautiful 7 Day (7,000 year) Master Time Plan.

Blessed Sabbath,


Approximately 853 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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