Friday, January 18, 2013

The 10 Love Commandments Poster is Available!

Well, it’s official!  The 10 Love Commandments poster is now available!  After almost 2 years of time and hundreds of hours of work, this past week the “store page” at became live, and our hearts became filled with joy to make this amazing Biblical information obtainable to the world in such a beautiful format.  I saw my first poster this past week and my eyes teared up.  It’s impossible to explain how beautiful this poster is until you see it in real life.  I pray you have that opportunity.

About 5 years ago, years of church attendance and religious TV programming had left me UTTERLY confused about salvation.  The verses just didn’t add up! And it was obvious these “preachers” did not know the FULL TRUTH about salvation either, for they would skip around certain verses here and there to hold to their doctrine.  Consequently, in AD 2007, I prayed, “Father God, I want to know the true meaning of your Bible.  I want to really know what it is ALL about!  For there are many stories I don’t understand and verses that seem contradictory.  So please teach me the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of your Word!”  Wow, I had NO IDEA what would happen next!

But now, long story short, you can obtain the ABSOLUTE FULL TRUTH of what God revealed to me about salvation in a beautiful poster format.  The poster links all the verses together, connects the dots, and makes salvation simple to understand.  If anyone will honestly study the information on it, they will never again be confused about how salvation (obtaining eternal life) works.  Without a doubt, this poster should be hanging on every Sunday school room wall across the globe!  And I assure you … God would be VERY VERY HAPPY about that.

It’s really impossible for me to explain all the wonderful and exciting information the poster contains in one of these short Sabbath blog posts, but it truly is amazing.  It takes you from the Garden of Eden to the Last Trump, from Moses to the Apostles, from John the Baptist to Jesus.  May God give you the desire to take the time to study the information and verses on the poster and never again be deceived by all the erroneous hell-leading salvational doctrines floating around in today’s “church” world.

View poster HERE (Magnify and scroll around to view poster in actual size)
Obtain poster HERE

Jesus bless,


Approximately 817 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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