Friday, October 19, 2012

Did Pharaoh Perish in the Red Sea?

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if the Bible proclaims the Pharaoh of Egypt, himself, perished in the Red Sea, along with all his chariots, horsemen, and hosts, during the Israelite’s divine and miraculous deliverance event.  The answer to this question is a resounding … YES, the Bible does!  But before I mention the direct verse, I want to first reiterate the revelation God gave me on December 8, 2007 concerning the Red Sea incident and its true meaning, which also confirms the Pharaoh absolutely, positively died in the Red Sea on that great and terrible day.

The entire Red Sea incident was a divinely-controlled, VISIBLE, prophetic picture of what the Messiah, Christ Jesus, would do spiritually on the cross one day in delivering mankind’s souls out of their bondage to sin and death, which the enemy (Satan & his demonic host) had held them under since Adam & Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden.  Thus, as Jesus died on the cross, the Bible explains what happened with these words: “that through death he (Jesus) might DESTROY him that had the power of death, that is, the devil” (Hebrews 2:14). It is in these few words, and with a divine understanding of God’s Word (specifically, what God was speaking through the Old Testament stories) that one can confirm with certainty that Pharaoh perished in the Red Sea.

In the Old Testament story, Pharaoh represented Satan, Pharaoh’s army and taskmasters represented Satan’s demonic host, Moses represented Jesus, and the Israelites represented mankind.  Pharaoh held the “power of death” over the Israelites, just like Satan held the “power of death” over mankind’s souls.  But God destroyed ALL of Satan’s power by working through His son, Christ Jesus, on the cross, delivering mankind’s souls out of their bondage to sin and death.  So THIS is what God wanted to prophetically portray at the Red Sea, and He did it perfectly by killing Pharaoh and all of his chariots, horsemen, and host in the Red Sea, as Moses was “stretching out his hands” just like Jesus would do, "stretching out his hands" on the cross, some 1,300 years or so later.

And where does God confirm this in the Bible?  In the blessed and anointed Psalms: “He (God) rebuked the Red Sea also, and it was dried up: so He led them through the depths, as through the wilderness.  And He saved them from the hand of him that hated them, and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.  And the waters covered their enemies: there was not one of them left” (Psalms 106:9-11).  And: “To Him (God) that smote Egypt in their firstborn … And brought out Israel from among them … With a strong hand, and with a stretched out arm … To Him which divided the Red sea into parts … And made Israel to pass through the midst of it … But overthrew Pharaoh and his host in the Red sea” (Psalms 136:10-15).  Hallelujah!

Watch video “Moses & the Israelites (How To Obtain Eternal Life)"
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Approximately 830 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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