Friday, October 12, 2012

Mark Sanches & Tim Tebow (666)

Tim Tebow is known today as the NFL’s (National Football League) most outspoken Christian.  Images of him bowing (te-bowing) in prayer in the endzone after scoring are fixed in almost every American football fan’s mind.  And in January 2012 God worked through Tebow to miraculously control the events of a playoff game to get His Word out (Read my blog: Tim Tebow & God’s Prophetic Voice: 316, 31.6, 3:16).  Well, folks, God isn’t through using Tim Tebow to advance His Word, for this past Monday night He miraculously did it again!

Monday night October 8th was football’s ominous 666th  – notice the Antichrist’s number? – Monday Night Football game, with the Jets playing the Texans.  Tebow played in the game, because he now plays backup quarterback to Mark Sanches for the New York Jets.  Tim tweeted these words before the game: “Looking forward to giving God all the glory in tonight’s 666th Monday Night Football game. Romans 8:37-39”.  Well, make no mistake about it … God got the glory, again, as He advanced His Word through the game!

When the game was all over and done, here were Mark Sanchez’s cumulative stats for the season: 6 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, 6.6 yards per attempt, 66 yards longest completion, and a quarterback rating of 66.6!  Are you kidding me?  And what number does Sanchez wear on his jersey?  Why of course … 6!

Is this all just a mere coincidence?  Or is God speaking to mankind?  I’ll tell you this … these 6-6-6 stats did not go unnoticed by the sports pundits and analysts, and thus they spoke words and wrote articles about it.  What does that mean?  It means God used a football game to bring attention to His Word, indirectly warning the world of the soon coming Antichrist’s reign!

Read Article: "Mark Sanchez Has Quarterback Rating of 66.6, which Is Just Part Of Fun With His Passing Stats"

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