Friday, October 26, 2012

Game of Life vs. Game of Football: Clock Comparison

Likening God’s Creation to a football game, on pages 75-76 of my book I wrote: “Friend, the stakes in the Game of Life are extremely high: Your priceless soul’s ETERNAL destiny is on the line!  And the Game is almost over!!!  Year 6,000 is fast approaching with the return of Jesus Christ to planet Earth and the setting up of his 1,000 year Earthly Sabbath reign.  If the first 6,000 years of mankind’s history were equated to a 60 minute football game, approximately 12 seconds would be left on the clock till Christ’s return at the writing of this book in AD 2008.  That is how late it is!”

Since it is football season here in America, I felt like writing a fun blog this week on how to calculate the time left till Christ’s return, with respect to a 60 minute football game.  This way in the future if you want to know how many seconds are left in the Game of Life (compared to a 60 minute football game) you can refer back to this blog post and simply punch the numbers into the equation and get the result.  Note: we are using the Feast of Trumpets (Sept 21 AD 2028) as our end date, for that is likely the 2,000 year anniversary of Christ’s death on the cross in AD 28, and thus Earth’s 6,000 year; and you can find the actual time remaining till that date (which you will need for the calculation) by visiting the book’s website, scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage, and viewing the “Countdown to Christ’s Return” clock.

Alright, here’s the amazingly simple equation:

X months remaining divided by 20 = remaining seconds (in a 60 minute football game).

Simple, huh?  I’ll spare you the math behind it.  So, here’s the deal … all you need to do is visit the “countdown clock” and calculate the months remaining till Christ’s return and then divide that number by 20.  For example, right now the clock reads: 15 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days.  So multiply 15 years by 12 months/year = 180 months.  Then add the extra 10 months = 190 months.  Then, divide the remaining days by 30.5 to get the last month in decimal format … that is 3 weeks x 7 days/week + 4 days = 25 days divided by 30.5 = 0.819.

Ok, so our “remaining months” number (at the posting date of this blog) is 190.819.  Divided by 20 yields = 9.54 seconds!  Wow, can you imagine?  When there are under 10 seconds left in a football game, there is time left for just ONE SINGLE PLAY!  That’s where we are at, folks!  The only question is ... will you win, or will you lose?

Blessed Sabbath,


Approximately 829 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. Wow, you telling me that there was 12 seconds left on the clock and now its down to 9? This is some "real-time" serious stuff! Time is ticking away and before we know it its game over! Great blog bro! Exciting to some and scary to others who don't have their game in-check, and haven't gotten right with God (yet). Just like any other game's end, there will be both happiness, joy and celebration along with crying, envy and suffering. Question remains which team will you be on? In this game of life (unlike football) we can switch teams or sides at will--Jesus' team or Satan's. There is still time left and although little, it is still possible to make that last play, which leads to victory (eternal life)! But beware, we are not guaranteed to last till the end as it may come at any time! We can be booted out of the game prematurely (our unexpected sudden death), disqualified for not following the rules. We must continue to focus on the goal by faithfully following our Lord's rules, his 10 Love Commandments, until the Ref blows that final whistle (trumpet)!

    1. Love the analogies, brother. So true, so very true! God help us all to be playing (obeying God's 10 Love commandments) for Jesus' team until he calls us out for rest! : )

  2. Happy, restful, blessed and holy Sabbath Gabriel and everyone else who reads this! :))

    1. Same to you, bro! Enjoy this weekly little foretaste of Christ's soon coming glorious, restful, peaceful, loving, 7th day millennial kingdom. : )