Friday, February 22, 2013

Pope Benedict Resigns (Peter the Roman Next?)

A vote.  A puff of white smoke.  Soon will be chose a new pope!  At 85 years old, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) is still alive, but oddly enough will RESIGN his pontiff position this Thursday, February 28, citing “incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me” as his reason. It’s been almost 600 years since a pope has willingly stepped-down to end his reign.  Very strange.  But this act will drive the world’s 117 cardinals to descend upon Rome, enter the Vatican, and convene in an AD 2013 Papal conclave seeking a 2/3 majority vote to elect a new pope.

What is the significance of this new pope?  It all goes back to a 12th century seer, St. Malachy, who in a vision saw 112 popes from his day to Judgment Day (Christ’s return): This is known as The Prophecy of the Popes.  Where are we on this list?  The new pope will be number 112!!!  The last pope!!!  Malachy wrote this concerning him:

During the final persecution the seat of the holy roman church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep in many tribulations, after which the seven hilled city will be destroyed, and the terrible Judge will judge His people … THE END”.

Could it be true?  Was St. Malachy divinely inspired, or perhaps … satanically inspired?  I don’t know.  But what did he mean by referring to the last pope as “Peter the Roman”?  In Catholicism, all popes are seen as apostolic successors of Saint Peter; thus they sit in the “Seat of Peter” and reign from “Rome.  Consequently, the interpretation could be that vague, or it could be much more specific!  How?  Well, of the top 10 contenders for new pope, two have “Peter” in their names: Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana (age 64), and Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro (Peter) Evasio Bertone of Italy (age 78).

Here’s the bottom line; we have roughly 15 years left until Christ returns at the end of the Antichrist’s reign (around AD 2028) as prophesied in my book “Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return To Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After The Year Of His Death”.  Therefore, the new pope only needs to reign this long – possibly shorter, depending on when the 7-hilled city of Rome is destroyed – to fulfill St. Malachy’s prophecy.  This is easily doable!  God’s end time events are heating up, my friend.  Like a masterful chess player, God is placing people in position to fulfill His Word.  It’s time, like none other, to get right with God before this thing fires up!

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Approximately 812 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. Just FYI, I read the other day that the average length of a pope's reign has been 11 years for over the past 400 or more years. Therefore, on that merit, 2013 would reach 2024! I can't wait to see the age of the new pope who is selected.

  2. Chapter 17 of the Book of Revelations says about 7 kings before Christ's second coming (which some believe were last seven Popes) and the eight one will come from those previous seven ones (some believe it might be the fallen angel impersonating the Polish Pope John Paul II).

  3. This 17th chapter of the Book of Revelation also reads that the seventh king will rule only a short space (before the 8th one will turn up out of the last 7 kings) so it indicates the German Pope Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) who ruled only 8 years.