Friday, March 7, 2014

Go and Wash Seven Times

I was praying for a sciatic nerve healing for a good friend of mine on Wednesday morning this past week, when immediately afterward God popped these words in my mind, “Go and wash seven times!”  I knew instantly what it was from … it was a Bible story!  I couldn’t remember who said it to whom, but I knew its meaning in a moment; amazingly, it was yet ANOTHER confirmation of the message God has given me to speak to the world — namely, that at the start of the 7th millennium (or year 6,000) ALL the suffering righteous will be made whole!!!  Yes, this miraculous Bible story supported what God had prophesied from the very beginning of the world through His 7 Day Creation story … after 6 Days (6,000 years) the righteous will receive their glorified bodies on the 7th Day and reign with Christ on a restful, peaceful, and painless Earth for a thousand years! Hallelujah!

Well, I just had to find the story.  So I searched online for the words God gave me, and there it was … it was an Old Testament story (II Kings chapter 5) about the prophet Elisha!  I got my Bible out and read it.  Wow, what a story!  An honorable Syrian captain named Naaman was a leper.  But he was told if he found Elisha, he would heal him.  So the king of Syria sent Naaman with a load of silver and gold to search for the prophet in Israel.  But when he finally found his house, Elisha sent out a messenger to tell him, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times and your leprosy will be gone!”

Well, this INFURIATED Naaman!  He wanted to see Elisha!  He wanted Elisha to come out and wave his hand over his body and heal him like that.  It took some serious “calming down” speech from his officers and FINALLY Naaman went and did what the prophet told him to do.  And you guessed it … on the seventh dip in the Jordan River his skin became as a little child’s, pure and clean!  So then he was amazed, and went back to Elisha’s house and tried to bless him with his silver and gold, but Elisha wouldn’t take one single cent!  Amazing … there’s a sermon in that!

So, what does this mean for my friend with the sciatic nerve problem?  I don’t know!  But it’s one of two things … either God is going to heal him in seven days, or else it means he will live with his condition until Earth’s 7th millennium (year 6,000) arrives.  I pray the former is the case!

Holy Sabbath to all,


Approximately 758 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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