Friday, August 24, 2012

An Instant Nightmare

Have you ever considered the immediate and overwhelming shock an unrepentant sinner must experience upon dying and finding themselves in hell?  Oh, my!  This thought has troubled my spirit for the past week.  It’s hard for me to fathom how someone can be living on this planet, running around each day all for themselves, full of pride and selfishness, not knowing a thing about God (love), and then one short deadly breath later they’re thrust into hell.  It must feel, literally, like a rug got pulled out from underneath them!  Can you imagine those first few moments in hell, as the crushing weight of Truth hits them in a thousand enlightened thoughts?  Uggh.

Listen to Asaph’s words in Psalms 73 :

"Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.  But as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps had well nigh slipped.  For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.  For there are no bands in their death: but their strength is firm.  They are not in trouble as other men; neither are they plagued like other men.  Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.  Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish.  They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily.  They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.

And so God’s people are dismayed and confused, and drink it all in.  “Does God realize what is going on?” they ask.  “Look at these men of arrogance; they never have to lift a finger – theirs is a life of ease; and all the time their riches multiply.”  Have I been wasting my time?  Why take the trouble to be pure (obey God’s 10LC)?  All I get out of it is trouble and woe – every day and all day long!  If I had really said that, I would have been a traitor to your people.  Yet it is so hard to explain it – this prosperity of those who hate the Lord.

Then one day I went into God’s sanctuary to meditate, and thought about the future of these evil men.  What a slippery path they are on – SUDDENLY God will send them sliding over the edge of the cliff and down to their destruction: an INSTANT END to all their happiness, an eternity of terror. Their present life is only a dream!  They will awaken to the Truth as one awakens from a dream of things that never really were!

When I saw this, what turmoil filled my heart!  I saw myself so stupid and so ignorant; I must seem like an animal to you, O God.  But even so, you love me! You are holding my right hand!  You will keep on guiding me all my life with your wisdom and counsel; and afterwards receive me into the glories of heaven! Whom have I in heaven but you!  And I desire no one on earth as much as you! My health fails; my spirits droop, yet God remains!  He is the strength of my heart; he is mine forever!  But those refusing to worship God (obey God’s 10LC) will perish, for he destroys those serving other gods.  But as for me, I get as close to him as I can!  I have chosen him, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful ways he rescues me." (The Living Bible)

Watch Video "NDE Hell is Real"

Blessed Sabbath,


Approximately 838 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. This Psalm was probably written hundreds of years B.C. but when I was reading it, it felt like the situation under which the sentiments are being expressed is set in this present era. I mean, I might confuse the speaker for someone who's dealing with contemporary life if not for the obvious elements that indicate it's an Old Testament passage. Governments, customs, technologies and whatnot may change drastically over thousands of years, but the same situation exists, which is how people deal with other people and what consequences are waiting as a result.

    I've read somewhere, I think in the 1800's book Scenes Beyond the Grave by Marietta Davis, how when somebody's soul separates from the body at the time of death (or somewhere along the process), he is shocked by the immediate realization of cause and effect and how incontestable that reality is that you would just accept it. Imagine this shock in a person who has been active all his life promoting atheism and being very sure about it. This is why we should love atheists and try to make them have that realization before their time, even if it means not contradicting them directly but as St. Paul said in I Corinthians 9:19-23:

    "Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

    Atheists I think are just blinded and deceived, and we who are able to easily appreciate God's words should be thankful for that gift.

    I watched the video through the link above and you can just see the "aftershock" in the man. There are many similar videos on Youtube (but this one I have never watched before) and I think God is giving us a glimpse of it for our sake.

    Happy Sabbath to you, brother.

    1. Thanks for the admonishment, brother. : )

      Sometimes I'm not sure why I say the things I say, like when I left those few comments under the YouTube video related to last week's blog. Sometimes I just get so tired of hearing scientist's falsities that I just HAVE TO inject a little truth out there ... and thus my opening comment about the Earth being young under that video. This then, of course, draws in the atheist's mockery and criticism. Then, I might be led to speak a few more simple direct statements of truth in response, but then I quickly exit the conversation, always allowing them to have the last word.

      We never know exactly what it might take to pique the curiosity of someone, so they will then start investigating Biblical matters further and possibly become a true believer. I know if someone's heart is still open to discovering truth, and if they would digest the information on my book's website ... it would give them SERIOUS pause for consideration. Thus, I'm always trying to do what I can to lead people there.

      Thanks again, bro!

  2. I actually agree with you, especially online where a person can say one thing and freely do the opposite without anybody knowing. So they might mock you in the comments but then secretly check out your website (especially with its intriguing title) and return to it two days or a week later.

    I hope you do not interpret my words as criticism. "Even if it means" (not contradicting them directly) does not exclude other methods. I also realized that, like you said, "injecting a little truth out there" is good, especially where people rarely hear about God and the offer of salvation in their lives.

    Thanks to you too, brother.