Friday, June 24, 2011

The Invisible War

It’s really impossible for me to overstate the gravity of the situation we are ALL facing as human beings (spirit children of God) living here on planet Earth. But friend, to put it pointblank, we are in a war!!! Do you realize that? And I’m not talking about some little mamsy-pamsy scuffle with no real purpose or significance of outcome; I’m talking about an ALL OUT struggle with the zenith of intent and resulting conclusion. And do you know what it’s about? It’s over the control of your soul and WHERE it will spend all of eternity — namely, heaven or hell!

But here is the worst part about this battle … it is INVISIBLE! In other words, the enemy can’t be seen!!! How frightening is that? In fact, one of the adversary’s biggest weapons is to convince you he doesn’t even exist! And it’s a death blow to all those who believe this lie, for how can you possibly fight an enemy (or a war for that matter) that you don’t even believe exists? You can’t! You won’t! And you will lose!

This week I came across a YouTube video of a man named Howard Pittman (who had a NDE back in 1979) and I was led to make it the focal point of this week’s blog. It is a SHOCKINGLY detailed behind-the-scenes look at our enemy Satan and his demonic cohorts, revealing how and where they work; thus, it would be VERY beneficial for you to digest this information into your spirit. It’s an hour long, but it is worth every viewing minute in order to make you more aware of your invisible enemy, the dire battle you are in, and how to conquer and win! There’s even a part where Howard’s angel reveals to him how many people made it to heaven (won the war) out of 2,000, during the time he was having his NDE!

I pray you will watch.

Here is the link:

Lord give us strength and courage to overcome,


Approximately 898 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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