Friday, June 17, 2011

The Love of Money Video

This week I uploaded my latest video creation entitled “Love of Money”.  As I worked on the video for the past month, my head would spin day and night with things I thought I needed to say in it.  But all of a sudden on Wednesday afternoon, when I reached a certain point in the video, it was like I felt God tap me on the shoulder and say, “That’s it, son … it’s done!  I was so surprised!  I was convinced He wanted me to labor on, trying to explain things further and further.  But as I stood back and looked at what had been created, it was then I saw the simple beauty and completeness of the video’s message.  And it was very cool indeed!  So I’m using this week’s blog mostly for the purpose of making you aware of the video and providing you with a link to where you can view it.

Listen, I understand Paul’s divinely inspired phrase “the love of money is the root of ALL evil” (I Timothy 6:10) is not a popular message in today’s churchianity world, because it hits people right in the core of their spirits with the truth of the sin battle we all face.  That being said, it should be blatantly recognizable to you then that a discussion on this topic (no matter how uncomfortable) is of PARAMOUNT importance, for God’s Word clearly reveals if we do not REPENT (turn from our evil ways) our souls will perish in hellfire!

Therefore, I humbly urge you to view the Love of Money video and take its message to heart. Ponder its points awhile and then spend a little time doing some HONEST investigation into your own spirit, determining what you love.  Nothing could be more important then your reaction to the video.  If you discover you love money, then friend it’s decision time for you. You can roll your eyes and say, “Hrmpf … whatever!”  And then go right on living your money-loving, prideful, God-hating life, which will end in unimaginable torment for your soul. Or you can sit back, take a deep breath, and say, “God, I need to change! Please help me learn how to love you!”  And then get up and purpose in your heart that you are going to make changes in your life (with respect to what you value and how you live) so that you start thinking, speaking, and doing the deeds that prove you love God, which will end in eternal joy for your soul.

Here’s the video’s link:

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