Friday, March 29, 2013

Have You Got Your 10 Love Commandments Poster Yet?

Several times in Scripture the most important question a human being could ever ask was presented to Jesus, Teacher, what MUST I DO to obtain eternal life?  Do you know Christ’s answer?  In other words, do you know the correct answer to this question?  Do you REALLY know WHAT YOU MUST DO in order to escape the horrifying punishment of hell, receive Christ’s forgiveness for all your sins, and obtain life in the joy and blissfulness of God’s eternal heavenly Kingdom?  Jesus replied, “IF you want to obtain eternal life, KEEP the 10 (Love) Commandments” (Matthew 19:16-19).  Wow, there it is … the CORRECT answer!  Although it’s barely breathed today, that has always been and always will be the correct answer to that all-important question.

Amazingly, God’s Word has many other ways of expressing the phrase “Keep the 10 Love Commandments”.  In other words, there are many other terms and phrases used in the Bible that when carefully studied to their root connotations all mean exactly the same thing … “KEEP the 10 Love Commandments”.  This understanding is priceless, and yet sadly, little known in today’s church world.

God has created an INCREDIBLE poster in these last days called The 10 Love Commandments Poster, and it’s chalked FULL of wisdom.  It is like the Bible’s salvation decoder, and the solution to the Bible verse puzzle.  The central portion of the poster contains knowledge about the 10 Love Commandments, how ALL damnable sin is based on their disobedience, and much more.  But surrounding and enclosing that information, all the way around the border of the poster, are many of the terms and phrases the Bible uses to express the phrase “KEEP the 10 Love Commandments”.

I sincerely hope and pray you will desire to acquire one of these posters, hang it on you wall, study it diligently, and then let it be a source of inspiration for you and others to always desire to “KEEP God’s 10 Love Commandments", thereby DOING what WE (as human beings) MUST DO to obtain eternal life!

Biblical Phrases Meaning “KEEP the 10 Love Commandments”:
(These are on the poster with Scripture references included.)

Know God
Defile Not the Temple
Whole Duty of Man
Build House on Rock
Believe in Jesus
Run the Race
Know the Truth
Fear God
Work Righteousness
Born of God
Doer of the Word
Fight the Good Fight of Faith
Obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Put on the Whole Armor of God
Work Out Your Own Salvation
Do the Truth
Bear Good Fruit
Abide in Christ
Do Good
Endure till the End
Be Perfect
Doer of the Law
Be Wise
Walk in the Holy Spirit
Law & the Prophets
Fruits of Repentance
Do the Will of God
Love Jesus
Resist the Devil
Come to the Light
Depart from Evil

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Blessed Holy Week to All,


Approximately 807 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. Hi everyone,

    I wanted to say something else about today's blog (that's actually obvious) but i just wanted to put it in words.

    Since these additional Biblical phrases & terms are identical in meaning to "Keep the 10 Love Commandments", which is what Jesus said was OUR DUTY in obtaining eternal life, then each of them is also a CORRECT ANSWER to the question "What MUST I DO to obtain eternal life?" Do you understand?

    In other words, if someone asks you, "What MUST I DO to obtain eternal life?" You can answer truthfully with any of the terms and phrase above. For instance, you could say, "You must know God!" Or, "You must love Jesus!". Or, "You must fight the good fight of faith!" etc. Got it?

    I just wanted ya'll to clearly understand this, but I still suggest repeating Christ's answer to that all-important question because WHAT a person MUST DO is crystal clear in the phrase "You MUST keep the 10 Love Commandments".

    Sincerely ~ Gabriel

  2. Gabriel. Was wondering why you didn't mention anything about Good Friday or Easter? I think that's pretty important. Happy Easter to you and your family.