Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kent Hovind (Help Me Reach Him!)

Kent Hovind is a young Earth creationist who used to travel around to churches and schools giving power point presentations on science and the Bible.  He was convicted of various tax-evasion laws in January 2007 and is currently serving a 10 year sentence in prison, due for release in August 2015.

I first came across Kent and his message via his dvd’s played in a church Sunday school program I attended in 2007.  They were a wonderful God send in my life, because God used them to help reestablish the belief in me that the Earth was young (a truth I had doubted for sometime!) so I would be properly prepared to receive the amazing prophetic “time” revelations God would later dump on me, that He had secretly hid in His Word (Bible).  Consequently, I will be eternally grateful of Hovind’s ministry and the time he invested to make his knowledge available to the world.

Now, some 6 years later, I am feeling the need to return the favor!  Hovind just released an e-book from prison entitled “What on Earth is about to happen for Heaven’s sake?”  Sadly, in it he asserts the Creation of Earth was 6,000, plus or minus, years ago.  Ugh, I so desperately want to get him the information God revealed to me!  I know it would be a tremendous blessing to him!  I want him to know Christ DIED on the cross during Earth’s 4,000 year (around AD 28), and that he will return when Earth is 6,000 years old (around AD 2028).  In other words, there is no need for the “plus” sign in his 6,000 year creation date right now, for planet Earth is certainly not 6,000 years old yet!  Thankfully, since being locked away in prison for 6 years (with not much else to do but read and write) God has mercifully allowed him to be corrected on the erroneous pre-trib rapture doctrine he used to believe in, and so he now proclaims in his new book Christ’s rapturous return will occur at the very end of the Great Tribulation, just before God’s destructive global wrath is poured out on all the ungodly!  Hallelujah!

Kent Hovind is currently imprisoned in Berlin, New Hampshire.  If anyone knows him personally, or any of his family or friends, or if you live in New Hampshire and could visit him, I would be, again, eternally grateful if you could help me deliver to him the information God has taught me, now contained at:  I believe Kent, with his God-given public speaking ability, would be a powerhouse for God when he comes out of prison if he had the information in my book under his belt!

Wikipedia: "Kent Hovind"
Amazon: "What on Earth is About to Happen ... for Heaven's Sake?"

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Approximately 788 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!


  1. Kent Hovind is a liar. Take a look the oldest tree argument. The web site he uses is for another tree, Prometheus, that was cut down and is older than Methuselah and just recently another tree has been found to be older. Also, there are older living organism such as Pando clonal aspen.

    Even his reference to a tree planter is incorrect. When you plant a tree, it already has rings. Plant a four-year-old tree and seven years later it has 11 rings. What 4 + 7?

  2. I don't agree with you one bit. I will believe good old Kent on this one. According to this website I found, and on wiki, the Bristlecone Pine tree is the oldest tree in the world. And according to this site the Methuselah is still alive but at an unknown location for fear of vandalism because the other one was killed in the 60's.

    That other Pando tree you are talking about is not in the same class so it doesn't count anyways. As I'm sure you know, it is NOT a single tree but clonal tree, a network of small trees sharing the same root. Sure it is the largest organism in the world but saying it is the oldest is going too far. It is not even a single tree although considered one organism. I would not believe their 80,000 year estimates just as much as I would believe that the dinosaurs are millions of years old! Ridiculous! Dinosaurs still exist today and have co-existed with mankind in history. Many have witnessed to this. This just throws a monkey wrench into all their false theories. Their time-lines are are screwed up and not accurate because of their faulty dating methods. Some other trees in North Wales are said to be 4000-5000 years old.

    But according to all this, it seems old Kent is on the right track there wouldn't you say? It fits real well with the flood story from the Bible wouldn't you say, to have no tree living past 5000 years?

    Here is the link, and it is secular too!

    Great Trees of the World

    List of oldest trees - Wiki

    1. So how does the age of a tree prove a young earth or a worldwide flood. You do not accept the tree dating method because it falsifies the world as 6000 years old.

      What dinosaurs exist, the Loch Ness monster, Godzilla, Monthra, the dinosaurs form Jurassic Park?

      Can a blind man lead blind man, will they not both fall into the pit?

  3. Here is another one Corey:

    "some biologists FEEL that western clones could be as old as 1 million years (Barnes 1966, 1975)"

    Well that's a BIG "FEEL" wouldn't ya say? I'm sorry but I am not going to believe what scientists "feel" because that is NOT science anymore! Science is all about facts and evidence, clinical studies etc. When something can be proven it is science. Other than that, it is only a theory, nothing more. Just like the theory evolution. Also like that 80,000 year old Clonal Pando tree. Are you telling me they managed to count the rings from 80 hectares of this supposed tree and that being a living one which is always a challenge and can never be dated accurately?

    Doesn't makes sense bro.

    Wiki: Pando Tree

    1. Agreed, Ramsey! This is NOT science, this is just plain ole ASSUMPTIONS and GUESSWORK ...

      "Tree experts also note that the organism's age cannot be determined with the level of precision found in tree rings; some claim Pando's age is closer to 1 million years.[5] Its current 80,000 year designation is based on a complex set of factors including the history of its local environment such as: The evidence indicating that there are few if any naturally occurring new aspens in most of the western United States since a climate shift took place 10,000 years ago and eliminated favorable soil conditions for seedlings; the rate of growth (including the differences of rates in distinct climates when accounting for its local-climate history, that males grow slower than females, and that aspens grow slower at higher elevations – Pando is at 2,697 m, or 8,848 ft, above sea level); its size; and its genetic code in comparison to the mutations found among aspens born in the modern era.

    2. Can you disprove the age of the Pando tree?

    3. I didn't know anyone every PROVED it's age in the first place.

      Here's some truth for ya, Corey ... every atom making up every molecule of every inanimate and animate object on planet Earth is right now about 5,985 years old. In other words, every atom making up planet Earth is right now making its 5,985th trip around the sun since being created, even the atoms making up your physical body, Corey.

    4. Gabriel, you don't know because you have not done the research. Did you know about the Pando tree before I mentioned it? Did you know Henry Morris was the one who came up with the oldest tree argument, not Kent Hovind who does not give him credit? Did you know that seagrasses have been dated over 80,000 years old? Do you understand how dendrochronology works?

    5. "Do you understand how dendrochronology works?"
      Aparently you don't Corey.
      Let me help.
      Tree rings have nothing to do with yearly growth although they mostly follow a yearly cycle (but not always).
      Tree rings are a function of wet/dry periods, not years.
      You can't difinitvly date trees using tree rings but you can get a glimpts of the wet and dry events it experenced in it's lifetime. Dendrochronology can't help your argument.

  4. Another Hovind argument that fails is the Sahara Desert, which again does not determine the age of the earth. Especially, since it was a grassland before that and there are older deserts such as the Namib desert.

    In fact, Hovind's arguments have been long debunked. Even other creationists do not agree with his arguments.

    Another example of one of his lies. During a debate with Farrell Till, Hovind made the statement that Donald Johanson "found the leg bones of Lucy a mile and a half away from the head bones. The leg bones were 200 feet deeper in a deeper layer of strata" which was contrary to the Johnson's published statements. After Hovind was informed in 1993 that his statement was false, he agreed to stop using the claim but continued to use it. When he was again corrected in 1995, he agreed that he was in error, promised not to repeat the claim.

  5. Okay do you people not know that Kent Hovind is a scam artist? He has ZERO teaching credentials. Was never teacher at any high school anywhere. The collage he went to is not acredited it's under investigation as a diplomia mill. If you belive anything this man says then you are a fool. Kent Hovind is a liar. Everthing he claims as proof for his lies was debunked over 40 years ago. He just want your money and dosnot even belive in god himself.