Friday, February 10, 2012

The Miracle behind the 'Moses & the Israelites' Video

After two full months of creating, from December 8, 2010 to February 8, 2011, I uploaded my tenth Bible teaching YouTube video entitled “Moses & the Israelites (How to Obtain Eternal Life)” on February 8, 2011 (two days ago, a year back).  This was the stunning revelation I woke up to the Spirit of the Lord revealing to me on the Saturday Sabbath morning of December 8, 2007, after which a lifetime of church confusion concerning God’s Word (Bible) INSTANTLY vanished.  It was SHOCKING!  It was AMAZING!  It was INCREDIBLE!  The story of the Israelite's bondage in Egypt, deliverance through Moses, and wilderness journey to a Promise Land was/is God’s complete message to ALL mankind concerning EVERYTHING involved in a soul obtaining eternal life.  Please do yourself a HUGE favor and take time to watch the 38 minute video linked at the bottom of this blog!

The true meaning and message behind the story of Moses & the Israelites was/is so important that I knew the church world (preachers & pastors included!) DESPARATELY needed to hear, learn, and preach it; but for some reason God hadn't released me to make the video first!  I was perplexed!  For over four months I had been making Bible teaching YouTube videos on the many other amazing things God had revealed to me — and God had been performing wonderful miracles related to them, confirming I was making the EXACT video at the EXACT time He wanted! — so I just trusted Him and kept working diligently.  Then, FINALLY, on December 8, 2010 He released me to start work on the “Moses & the Israelites” video.  And then another miracle happened!!!

YouTube’s video upload limit was set at 15 minutes.  In other words, videos longer than 15 minutes had to be split up and uploaded separately in parts.  This made it difficult for viewers to find part 2, part 3, etc. to finish watching the entire video.  Well, fortunately for me, up until this point all my videos were under 15 minutes in length, so I never had to upload a video in confusing parts.  BUT not the “Moses & the Israelites” video!  It was coming in well over 30 minutes in length!  So I settled in, figuring I would have to upload this important video in 3 parts … when, one day DURING the period I was working on the video I logged into my YouTube account and there at the top it read: ‘Congratulations!  Your account is now enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes.  Click the Upload button below to select a video’. OH, MY GOODNESS!!!  I was dumfounded!!!  I just sat there shaking my head in amazement, thinking to myself, “Can you believe this?  Now I can upload this video in one nice complete video and post it neatly at the top of its respective ‘chapter summary page’ on the book’s website like all the other videos!”

“Are you kidding me?” I thought, “What kind of a God is this, who cares so much for the message He’s delivering through me that He is controlling and helping me in every facet of my work to create it in the easiest form possible for the world to hear, learn, and know?  What kind of a God knows about YouTube’s policies, when I don’t?  I just sat there shaking my head, for I had NO IDEA  — I never saw it coming! — why my account had been enabled to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.  But I could feel God smiling down at me, saying, “Now you know why I held you off for over 4 months in making this video, when you’ve been dying to make it all along!”  Humbling.  Friend, without a doubt, I know my place in all of this … I am NOTHING but His hands and feet, a voice (like the Angel Gabriel was in the Bible!) to deliver His message.  Glory to HIS precious name forevermore!

Watch the "Moses & the Israelites (How to Obtain Eternal Life) video HERE.

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