Friday, February 24, 2012

The Apostle Paul’s Words Are Hard To Understand

I’ve noticed something interesting in today’s religion of “Christianity” … ALL erroneous doctrine concerning our salvation (or how eternal life is achieved) comes from incorrect interpretations of the writings of the Apostle Paul.  See, Jesus’ teachings in the four gospels are so clear cut on what WE MUST DO to obtain eternal life that a person really has no chance to twist them.  But Paul’s writings?  Oh, they're a smorgasbord for the devil!  One can easily take a sentence from here or a phrase from there out of his letters, take it completely out of context, and then make it say whatever you want.  And horrifyingly, to the destruction of many, this is being done all over today’s Churchianity world!

But did you know this confusion over Paul’s words – mostly concerning his use of the words grace, faith, and works – was already taking place in his day?  Peter wrote: “Some of his (Paul’s) comments are not easy to understand, and there are people who are deliberately stupid, and always demand some unusual interpretation – they have twisted his letters around to mean something quite different from what he meant, just as they do the other parts of the Scripture – and the result is disaster for them.  I am warning you ahead of time, dear brothers, so that you can watch out and not be carried away by the mistakes of these wicked men, lest you yourselves become mixed up too” (II Peter 3:16, Living Bible).  Wow, how about that?  This should give you tremendous concern, friends and ministers, when interpreting the words of Paul!

Now for those of you who don’t know, Paul’s letters begin right after the four gospels and the book of Acts in the New Testament.  They are as follows: Romans, I & II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians, I & II Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.  But let me be very clear; Paul was NOT confused about our salvation!  He knew PRECISELY what God had done through Jesus Christ in giving mankind a chance at obtaining eternal life, and he knew PRECISELY what mankind needed to DO in order to receive that eternal life.  His teachings were in PERFECT agreement with every word spoken by Jesus Christ in the gospels.  So it is not Paul who is confused, it is those who read his words and misconstrue them!

Having said all of that, I'm asking you to please take inventory of your own heart and your own salvation theology.  If someone asks you “What must I DO to obtain eternal life?” do you respond with Jesus’ words IF you want to go to heaven, Keep God’s (10 Love) Commandments” (Matthew 19:17) or do you arrogantly parrot back some phrase out of one of Paul’s letters – misreading and taking it COMPLETELY out of context! – like “We’re saved by grace … not of works!” (Ephesians 2:8-9).  If the latter is the case, ask yourself … why am I doing this?  Do I not believe the simple words of Jesus Christ?  Have “ministers” in today’s Churchianity world lied to me?  Could I be confused about Paul’s words?  Am I now one of those Peter was talking about, who twist Paul’s words around to mean something quite different than what he actually meant, all to my own and others destruction?  Friend, if you don’t understand why Jesus’ words above are Truth concerning that all-important question – and why Paul’s words are in perfect agreement with Jesus’ words! – then I humbly implore you to read the book God had me write and finally put an end to your confusion over Paul’s words.

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  1. Love the "prepare to meet the Lord" lettering! Nice!

  2. Darn, I lost your previous comment. Sorry bro. Yes, that out-of-place "Prepare To Meet The Lord" lettering foreshows the chaos that will take place all over Earth when Christ returns and everything is moved out-of-place!

  3. I love the "smorgasbord of satan" line! You are dead on bro'. I looked up the definition of smorgasbord and it means: a wide variety of appetizers, cheeses, meats, etc, served buffet style... in other words, what will we choose to feed and nourish our spiritual hunger? !!! I hope people will see the truth you have revealed! I did! Very good and factual blog!

    1. amen brother! i was just reading last night in romans and was pondering on this very subject! i was thinking that chapter divisions also can play a roll in these deceptions to the unlearned, for instance in romans 3:27-28 paul speaks of being justified by faith, but (in his attempt to avoid confusion over the matter i'm sure) in chapter 4 paul qualifies what he was talking about with the example of abraham, who "walked out his faith" through obedience. if he had a say in it, i'm pretty sure paul wouldn't have placed a chapter division there! :)