Saturday, March 31, 2012

Take Shelter (A Movie Miracle)

I stood on the sidewalk with my fiancé in front of a Redbox movie rental machine outside a Walgreens store this past Saturday evening around 9 pm March 24, 2012. As we were browsing through the movie selections, one I had never heard of before caught my eye entitled Take Shelter. It was little known and rated R for strong language, so we had our reservations about watching it – it could have easily been a bomb! – but after scrolling through many more titles, I just couldn’t resist the urge to get that movie.

A foreboding feel was evident immediately, even from the ominous keyboard music playing during the movie’s main menu. A family man, Curtis, started having bad dreams and visionary signs of a terrifying apocalyptic-sized storm coming. The apparitions would occur even while he was around other people, but no one else ever heard or saw what he did. Thinking he might be going crazy, Curtis sought mental help. However, he just couldn’t shake the dreadful feeling, nor the recurring dreams and signs, so he began building a massive storm shelter in his back yard to save his family.

At this point in the movie I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between Curtis and myself and the message God has given me to speak to the world – "a terrifying and fiery apocalyptic storm is coming, for the 'end' of this 6,000 year 'age of sin' is almost here; therefore, we should all be desperately seeking to Take Shelter, building a storm shelter in our hearts by repenting of our sins (love-less thoughts, words, & deeds) and aligning our lives up to God’s 10 love commandments, or else we will perish in the coming global destruction!" Then a passionate scene arrived in the movie that caused the Holy Ghost to kick in my chest; at an indoor town function an angry man confronts Curtis, a fight breaks out, a table is upturned, and Curtis storms around the room looking wildly at the community’s people – he knew they thought he was crazy! – and he screamed at them, “YOU THINK I’M CRAZY … WELL LISTEN UP, THERE’S A STORM COMIN’ LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN, AND NOT A ONE OF YOU IS PREPARED FOR IT !!!”

I remember saying to my honey, “I hope this movie ends with an actual storm, so we know he wasn’t crazy after all.” Well, sure enough, the final scene came … playing in the sand on the beach with his deaf daughter, Curtis watches her stand up straight with a concerned look on her face, gazing out behind him towards the ocean and hand motioning the swirling sign for “storm”. His wife nodded in approval. They all saw it! Then with the terrifying storm in view, a thunder strike is heard and the movie abruptly ends. Here’s where the miracle happened! After several minutes of credits rolling, I looked down at the DVD player and noticed the clock-counter read: 1 hour, 59 minutes, and counting! I calmly said, “Look at the DVD player, honey (knowing in my heart it was going to end at exactly 2 hours and 00 minutes).” Sure enough, at exactly 2 hours, 00 minutes, and 57 seconds the movie ended and returned to the main menu!

Do you understand? It’s the title of my (really God's) book! It's confirmation again of the prophetic message He has given me to proclaim to the world: Exactly 2,000 years after the year of Jesus’ death on the cross the fiery global apocalyptical storm will be here, with the rapturous return of Jesus Christ! Friend, no matter where I am or what I am doing, God will not leave me alone with this message! I cannot shake it! You can think I’m crazy. You can think I’ve flown over the cuckoo’s nest. You can roll your eyes when you read my words. You can mutter your displeasure under your breath when you see me. You can run, hide, ignore … do whatever you want to! But none of that will change the fact that I’ve been sent by God to warn you, "There’s a storm coming, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, so you better Take Shelter!"

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