Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heaven is for Real

My wife and I just got back from watching the new movie “Heaven is for Real” in the movie theater.  I got to be honest, it wasn’t what I expected.  The movie was more about the inability of today’s church world to believe in out-of-body experiences than it was about the actual experience itself.  Therefore, I was disappointed.  I wanted to hear more about the things of heaven, than to sit for an hour and a half watching a closed-hearted church world struggle to come to terms with the reality of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s).

After asking me to leave today’s church world back in 2007, NDE’s are some of the first things God brought across my path to confirm “LOVE” is what WE must DO to obtain eternal life.  I even mention some notable NDE’s in chapter 2 of my book, encouraging people to go online and read about them, like Howard Storm’s, Ned Dougherty’s and Ricky Randolph’s.  Sadly, I’ve had church people condemn my book JUST because I endorse those NDE’s and God’s message delivered in them.  Oh, how closed-hearted today’s church world can be to God’s truths!

I suspect the incorrect doctrine of “soul-sleep” is HUGELY responsible for a large majority of today’s church world being unable to believe that when people die they can INSTANTANEOUSLY visit heaven or hell.  Soul-sleep doctrine says when you die your soul essentially goes “off-line”.  You no longer have thoughts.  You no longer feel anything or experience anything.  This is SUCH a LIE!!!  The truth is … the soul (or spirit) of everyone who has ever died is right now some place, experiencing a reality more real than this Earth!

Ah, sorry, I don’t really mean to bash the movie, but I was just disappointed.  Believing in the reality of NDE’s is not something I struggle with, nor should today’s church world.  I felt almost embarrassed for them while watching the movie.  They looked like such UNBELIEVERS.  Hopefully, God can use the movie in someway to bring people to faith, hope, and most of all … love!

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Approximately 742 Weeks (Sabbaths) Remaining Till Christ's Return!

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